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BOCC Meeting
July 26, 2017

Meeting opened with prayer and pledge of allegiance.
Consent agenda approved: CDS mylars, vouchers, acknowledgement of variance reports, acceptance of public trustee’s quarterly report & treasurer’s 6 month report, liquor license approved for Singing Hills Liquor and Western Trails Steakhouse


-Kyle Fenner, CDS, reported that Planning Commission had given unanimous approval to recommend approval of Independence development; packets to BOCC with updates by 8/17/17.

-Kyrei Zion, Finance Department, reported that Bison Oil and Gas sent check to the county for $89,000+ for oil/gas lease on county owned land; deposited in Road and Bridge fund.

-Jerri Spear, HHS, recognized 2 employees for outstanding work

-Mary Louise Jacobsen - invited citizens to EC Fair August 1-6; spoke about royalty involvement/activities with county fair

-Bart Greer is the new county attorney; has previously been atty for HHS in EC



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  • Building permits: Faith Mehrer introduced 2 new building department policies - exhaust air change, roofing (25% of damage on roof requires entire roof replacement - instead of 5 squares of damage)
  • Election IGA/MOU: Dallas Schroeder, County Clerk, reported that templates presented to BOCC outline duties of special districts and county - asked that clerk be entitled to execute these documents. Moved to action item and accepted as presented.
  • Little Britches Rodeo: their board member asked for special consideration for their club - costs are too high for fairground usage and service is lacking in EC; been having these rodeos for over 20 years here; would like to remain here; would like county to perform more services to ground - safety issues for horses; commissioners would like to review this more fully in a study session


  • Approval of 7/12/17 & 7/19/17 minutes
  • Approval of final 2016 audit results: Kyrei Zion reported that final audit documents not here yet; due to state by July 31. (Editorial comment: audit will be turned into the state with no public comment/questions/input. The very brief presentation by this year’s auditor at a previous BOCC meeting constitutes the entirety of what the citizens will hear in public - a much abbreviated presentation by the new auditor compared to what previous auditors Eide-Bailey presented to citizens in their many years as county auditors).
  • Employee handbook update: accepted as presented. Document was posted on website last week.
  • Resolution to designate Community Banks of CO as depository approved.


- agenda items for next meeting: chip seal bid for Elbert Road, Spring Valley Area E into initial warranty period, study sessions, pending hearings, BOE hearings 7/31 & 8/1, Independence hearing continuation, zoning regulations update

No land use hearings.

Meeting continued to July 27 for audit presentation.

-Jill Duvall