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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting
January 22 2020

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Commissioners Thayer and Pettit present; Commissioner Richardson “taking care of other county business,” per Thayer.

-Public Health Administrator Dwayne Smith (new county employee) presented his agenda: plans to resume administrator-led Public Health Improvement Plan Processes; public health & environment year end reporting (presented permit statistics for county); and State of CO vital statistics performance recognition of employees Valerie Worhae and Stacy Reinhardt.

-approval of CDS mylars and vouchers; receipt of variance reports; 4th qtr 2019 Public Trustee report; 2020 fire operating plan agreement; receipt of Facilities Conditions Assessment Final Report


-CDS Director Christina Stanton spoke about request for an extension of variance for a citizen’s barn (to be put on Land Use agenda for next BOCC meeting).
-Assistant County Manager Eileen Krauth spoke about preparation for 2020 census which begins April 1. Still looking for volunteers.


-Lori Ferrari updated citizens on lack of animal control. Humane Society is investigating one of her neighbors; she has spoken about this situation at previous BOCC meetings. She asked again why there is no animal control in EC. So far no compliance officer has contacted her; suggested that the money county spends on Prairie Times paper could be better spent on animal control.

-Rick Brown requested that the commissioners take steps to protect the Independence water for citizens; asked BOCC to file a Letter of Opposition with the Water Court. EC has gone to court in the past to protect water in the county. “The citizens who are filing opposition are basically doing your job,” said Brown to the commissioners. Thayer claims that only the Laramie, Denver and Fox Hills aquifer water can be used for the Independence homes; BOCC and Planning Commission would have to approve any changes to the Service Plan. Brown pointed out, again, that the decree allows them to take water off the property. Thayer then cut Brown off as he was trying to respond to Thayer’s “assurance” that no water would be taken off-site.

-Susan Shick spoke about Saddlewood’s water paperwork which directs all 138 homes to pull water from the Upper Dawson; asked if other subdivisions have similar agreements. The BOCC needs to have a stronger handle on this issue. Who knows what future commissioners will do with Independence’s water decree? Also asked why the Independence documents are still not on the county website. Pettit spoke about additional usage wording on decree for Independence; he claims that a lot of the citizens have the same wording on their adjudicated water rights.

-Fred Lehn’s concerns about his well in Ponderosa Park - the level has dropped; citizens count on commissioners to protect us. Thayer claims that the Upper Dawson is sourced “at the surface.” Other aquifers are “independently drained” so they are “segregated,” per Thayer.

(Editorial comment: while Mr. Lehn was interacting with Thayer, no timer was set. But when Mr. Brown was interacting with Thayer, the 3 minute timer was set, and Mr. Brown was cut off by Thayer).


-continuance of 2nd reading - Hemp Ordinance: County Attorney Bart Greer said it’s about ready for final draft; need ag zoning to grow hemp. Not requiring county license due to federal and state regulations but county will enforce zoning. Moved to action item. Hemp ordinance passed and in effect immediately.

-Susan Shick spoke about county’s expression of undesirability for hemp growth in subdivisions, but county has allowed for oil and gas exploration in the Independence subdivision, expressly allocated near the water wells....which is worse?


-approval of 1/8/2020 minutes
-cancellation of taxes per CRS 39-10-114: uncollectible taxes waived after one year.
-resolution adopting updates to EC CDS fee schedule: passed


: agenda, workshops, pending hearings


-Jill Duvall