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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting
January 8, 2020

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-approval of CDs mylars, vouchers, acknowledgement of pipeline report, ratification of contract amendment for dispatch services, ambulance inspection contract, ratification of contract amendment for inmate medical services


-County Manager Sam Albrecht spoke about a letter from Independence; per Albrecht, Independence is requesting water change of usage, but water will not “leave the county. Not a big change, just a clarification for our (the county’s) purposes.”


Seven citizens spoke against the proposed Independence change of water usage. Commissioner Richardson stated that he’s only received 2 emails and no phone calls about this issue, and he “screens” the importance of county issues by the number of contacts he receives.

-A citizen spoke about the statement Albrecht made; stated that Independence’s request is for a change of water usage to “on and off property.” Commissioner Richardson stated that the service plan prohibits water from being exported out of the county. Commissioner Thayer stated that for Independence to change water usage, there would have to be a public hearing to “move water off the property.”

-Another citizen requested an evening meeting about the Independence water change of usage so commissioners will understand concerns of citizens. Commissioner Richardson stated that there are 2 Town Hall meetings next week (Wed. 1/15@Elbert Mercantile at 6:30PM and Thurs. 1/16@Kiowa fairgrounds at 6:30PM) for citizens; he said the commissioners will address the water issue concerns at these Town Hall meetings.

-Another citizen asked if there was any communication between Independence and the commissioners regarding the public legal notice prior to the notice publication (which happened right before Christmas). Commissioner Richardson said there was no previous communication and that what Independence is asking for is consistent with their initial application.

-Dan Rosales commented about the water meeting held the previous night; he claims that Independence “waived their water rights” when the county approved them. (Editorial comment: Independence did not waive their water rights).

-Another citizen asked that the commissioners hold night meetings. Wording in Independence’s proposed water usage change is “troubling.” He mentioned the water, if allowed to be sold outside the development, could be sold to the existing water district in EC which has authority to sell water statewide. Commissioners are voted in to represent citizens, so citizens’ concerns should be “heard and acted upon accordingly on behalf of citizens.” Commissioner Richardson stated that United Water District is limited to just “receiving” water in the county. (Editorial comment: United Water District has statewide authority; we will research more fully and report on the exact wording.)

-Another citizen stated that the “residents of EC are not happy” and asked the commissioners to stop this proposed water usage change, if they can. And to hold public meetings.

-Another citizen who attended the water meeting spoke about the outcry from the citizens about Independence. Asked commissioners to schedule a special evening meeting for better transparency with citizens about this proposed water change. Independence has the water they need, so why are they tacking on additional usages?? If there is no “malice intent,” Independence and the commissioners should be willing to meet with the citizens.

-Susan Shick read the exact wording of Independence’s proposed water usage changes; the changes constitute a material modification, so BOCC approval and a public hearing are required. She urged commissioners to work with the community.
-A citizen asked if any of the commissioners attended the library meeting; none attended. The commissioners confirmed that they were aware of the meeting. When asked why they didn’t attend, Richardson said, “Our presence wasn’t requested....I don’t randomly wander the county looking for meetings.” He said he knew that “Dan Rosales would be there.” (Editorial comment: what was this supposed to mean? Is Rosales a stand-in county commissioner?)


-EC Facilities Condition Assessment Project Report Update: more details will follow at the 1/22 meeting.
-Adoption of EC Public/Private Improvement Standards: will be addressed at the first BOCC meeting in February.
-Resolution adopting updates to EC CDS fee schedule: CDS Manager Christina Stanton spoke about industrial hemp ordinance, sign permit change, and additional fee schedule changes.


-approval of 12/11/19 and 12/18/19 BOCC minutes
-approval of 2019 HUTF (highway user tax fund): Road and Bridge Manager Rory Hale stated that it should be getting close to $4 million next year. Commissioner Thayer said, “You’re using that money well because the roads are getting better.”
-annual BOCC organizational meeting and appointments: Commissioner Richardson presented the annual “laundry list” of items for approval. Commissioner Richardson was elected to continue as BOCC Chairman. Grant Thayer was elected to continue as Vice-Chair of the BOCC. Thayer said, “We look out for the county’s interests as best we can.” BOCC meetings will continue at the same time, same dates as previous years. (Editorial comment: no night meetings are scheduled for 2020 BOCC meetings.). Official posting location is now the county website.

New Planning Commission member is Jeff Franken. Jim Duvall, President of Pines and Plains Library Board of Trustees, spoke about the commissioners continuing to include library appointments in the appointments resolution; library trustees are not appointed by the BOCC (only ratified or rejected). The IGA between the county and the Library Board dictates library appointments, not the county commissioners. Duvall asked the county to amend their resolution by removing any reference to library board trustees. Albrecht claims that the resolution was changed within the last 24 hours; Duvall explained his frustration with the county changing the resolution less than 24 hours before the BOCC meeting. A break was held to review the new wording; one of the library trustee’s terms was wrong. Resolution was approved with the striking of the paragraph about Pines and Plains Library Board; no reference to the Library Board will be made in this year’s annual appointments resolution.

Link to today’s Board packet:


-for next BOCC meeting, workshops/study sessions, pending hearings


-Jill Duvall