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Things that Fuel the Commissioner’s Crazy Train to Dumbville........

- Carla LaFong

Ongoing swagger/boastful behavior about the county’s phenomenal financial position, while roads throughout the county continue to deteriorate with no apparent plans for improvements.

In spite of a million dollar plus increase in county salaries every year since 2016 (from $7.5 million in 2016 to $11.5 million in 2019), the commissioners can’t figure out how to open county offices 5 days a week, or hold BOCC meetings on nights or weekends. Over 90% of the citizens work outside the county and would prefer some earlier or later hours in order to access county services. How about some creative scheduling of county employees/departments...we don’t necessarily live in an 8-5 world anymore.

Even though commissioners control the budget for the assessor’s office, they can’t conquer the problem of the lack of anyone who is a licensed residential appraiser (ad valorem licensure is the equivalent of a learner’s permit and is the highest certification anyone in the EC assessor’s office possesses).

Taxpayers are footing the bill for almost $8000/yr for the “insert” in the monthly Prairie Times so the commissioners can toot their own horns.

In spite of over $750,000/yr spent on IT, the county website remains very non-user-friendly......and “pass the buck” is the name of the game if a citizen dares to ask why current/updated information fails to find its way to the website.(Logan County, population 22,600 spends $83,000/yr on IT)

How does a county our size justify a county manager AND a deputy county manager with salaries and benefits totaling almost $250,000 (with generous severance packages). In comparing EC to 6 counties of similar size, one has no county manager/administrator....and the only 2 that have assistants/deputies are Summit County and Routt County which have budgets from 2 to 3 times as large as the EC budget. Three of the six counties have only a single administrator/county manager with no assistant/deputy.

How do these commissioners expect their “magic” EDZ to attract businesses when there is no infrastructure?

Why do we taxpayers keep paying large sums of monies to commission studies whose results just repeat previous studies? (i.e. economic development, water, etc.). Action never seems to follow the studies.

Lack of response to citizens’ stated desire to preserve rural nature of county. Simple zoning changes to create a minimum lot size would address the concerns, yet these commissioners continually encourage high density development.

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BOCC’s Crazy Train to Dumbville

With important issues needing attention (confusing zoning regulations, inoperable vehicles/junk piles, businesses operating while avoiding commercial taxation - “gypsy businesses” per Commissioner Thayer -, inaccurate property assessments, etc. etc. etc.), the commissioners choose to focus on trivial controlling the size of gatherings citizens can host via permits/fees (an overreaction to one rogue event), forcing citizens to put foundations under units over 200 square feet, and formulating an appointments policy to target individuals who dare to speak out against the county.

Same song, second verse. When will the citizens elect more competent, responsive, forward-looking county commissioners? The good ol’ boy network continues to control the county to the detriment of the citizens.