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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting
December 11, 2019

-Governor Polis has declared December 13th Kimmi Clark Lewis Day in remembrance of her service to the state.

-approval of CDS mylars, vouchers, pipeline reports, liquor license renewal for Singing Hills Liquor and transfer for South 40 Saloon, auto agent iPayments proposal/agreement


-update regarding alterations to previously announced shipping container policy: Rory Hale reported that shipping containers now don’t require foundations unless they have been structurally modified. Notice of updated policy will be included in property tax notices.
-County Manager Sam Albrecht stated that budget is “not quite ready” to be approved.
-Gerri Spear, Director of Health and Human Services, reported that a secondary building has been added and is now occupied. Those who assisted with the move were thanked.


-Lori Ferrari presented pictures to commissioners of injured/attack on dogs at Love’s property on Broadview Drive south of Kiowa. Have been 4 reports to county on this specific situation; so far no action taken by county. This has been going on for 3 years on this property. County commissioners were asked why, when the “county budget has almost doubled and the county is hiring left and right,” the county can’t afford an animal control officer?
-Marlene Groves asked if a call to a state organization (that requires licensing) would be appropriate for this dog situation.
-Commissioner Richardson asked CDS to contact the sheriff’s office regarding the number of dogs at this location.


-EC Fair Board annual report from Tammi Schneider, Fair Board President: presented detailed written report to commissioners. Priority of Fair Board to keep our county fair free to public. Wish list: improvement of facilities (perhaps indoor facility), additional entertainment (carnival). Making some schedule adjustments for 2020 (family rodeo on Friday night, more Mutton Bustin’ flights). Thanked county employees who assist the Fair Board, the extension staff, her fellow Fair Board members, citizen volunteers, and royalty helpers. Recognized Ric Miller, who recently resigned from the Fair Board, for his many years of service to the Fair Board. Russ and Mary Steen will be marshalls for 2020 fair parade. Fair Board finished under budget for 2019 and used excess funds to purchase some new equipment for the fair.

-agreement for cooperative wildfire protection: statewide cooperative agreement; fire chiefs and sheriff have reviewed.
-resolution opposing reintroduction of wolves into Colorado: moved to action item. Albrecht summarized info about petition at state level to reintroduce wolves to CO and how harmful he believes it would be. One citizen asked, if the state allows reintroduction of wolves, could EC be a sanctuary county and be exempt from introduction of wolves. Commissioners passed resolution opposing reintroduction of wolves into CO.

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-approval of 11/13/19 minutes, 11/19/19 special meeting minutes, 11/20/19 land use meeting minutes
-resolution certifying EC’s 2020 mill levy for 2019 property taxes payable in 2020 and allocating revenues from such property taxes among the county’s various funds
-resolution certifying 2020 mill levy for Foxwood Estate and Foxwood Ranches PID
-resolution certifying 2020 mill levy for Sun Country Meadows PID
-resolution certifying 2020 mill levy for Meadow Station PID
-2020 budget deferred until 12/18/19 “special meeting” (editorial comment: these commissioners have established a pattern of postponing any potentially contentious issues to special meetings - which are NOT held on REGULARLY SCHEDULED BOCC meeting dates....and have frequently scheduled such meetings during the Christmas holidays at the end of the year)

LAND USE HEARINGS scheduled for 1PM (I did not attend; following information is from board packet)
-Spring Valley Ranch Filing #5 (PP-18-0019 & FP-18-0039)
-Camerata Homes Rezone (RZ-18-0088) and minor residential development (MD-18-0089); a rezone of 50.31 acres from Ag to Ag Residential and a minor residential development to create 5 lots on property located at 760 CR 194, Parker
-Peak Vistas filing 2 rezone (RZ-19-0095) and final plat (FP-19-0097) - a rezone of approximately 76 acres from Ag to Ag Residential and the creation of 7 lots
-amendment #3b to the EC Zoning Regulation. Key points per staff report are:
Key Point 1: Revised "accessory enclosures" to allow for exemptions on Agricultural Properties.
Key Point 2: Added "Exotic Animals" back as a separate item. This use has been listed as a use requiring a Special Use by Review since the 1983 Zoning Regulations. Revised definitions to align with those from Colorado State Statute.
Key Point 3: Revised Signs (Article XI) for clarification purposes. Added tables and created separate sections for exempt and prohibited signs.

(Editorial comment: I captured the meeting as I heard it. Unfortunately, due to Commissioner Richardson’s refusal to speak into the microphone, much of what he said was muffled. Thanks to Commissioner Pettitt for speaking clearly and directly into the microphone—his comments were easily understood and able to be accurately recorded.)

Link to Board Packet/Documents:

-Jill Duvall