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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting
October 23, 2019

-Elbert County Public Health 3rd Qtr: Geri Spear, Director of Health and Human Services, and her staff provided statistics on septics (dropped in July and August), food licenses (new guidelines for food service venues/special events), Cottage Food Act (farmers’ markets fall under this).
-Vape Presentation: E-cigarette/vaping risk presentation by Tri-County Health
-Approved charter to participate in East-Central CO Public Health Partnership to combine resources
-January 2020 is National Radon Action month; asked commissioners to recognize

-Approval of CDS mylars, vouchers, variance reports, pipeline report, receipt of proposed 2020 budget, resolution certifying costs of prosecuting crimes alleged to have been committed by persons in the custody of CO Dept. of Corrections, 3rd quarter Trustee report, 1st amendment to IGA for inmate housing services
(Editorial note: A public hearing on the budget will be held at the BOCC meeting on Nov. 13. That will be the opportunity for public comment on the 2020 proposed budget.)


-Eileen Krauth, Deputy County Manager, announced that elevator is installed in Sam Elbert Bldg.


-Lori Ferrari brought up lack of animal control; she previously spoke about this at BOCC meeting on 10/09; pictures presented to commissioners of out-of-control dogs in her neighborhood; neighbor’s dog has killed a fawn and goat; suggested that citation be issued at first violation, followed by fines.
-Marlene Groves thanked the BOCC for having the budget on the website
(Editorial comment: The county has been posting the budget on the county website for many years, in a regular and timely manner, for citizens to review.)


-Compliance Officer program: Michael Moore reported that highest violation numbers go to RV living, rubbish and unpermitted structures; brought back about $50,000 in fees so far; 219 cases so far, 80+ resolved; has an extremely heavy caseload. Citizen Gary Dickinson asked about a neighbor’s “gypsy business” (business being operated on property not zoned for the usage) which he reported in May; asked how long it should take for issues to be resolved. Commissioner Richardson said, “Longer than we want,” because of the resistance and legal processes. This particular “gypsy business” has been trying to rezone for 3 years, so it doesn’t appear that any progress is being made; SUR is currently in process.

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-Proposition DD presentation by Greg Brophy: DD taxes casinos (on net profits) and uses monies for statewide water plan. Ensures water protections for rural areas. Asked commissioners for endorsement of DD; no such endorsement was forthcoming.


-Approval of 10/9/2019 BOCC minutes

-Resolutions relating to supplemental appropriations to 2019 budget: Krauth presented requests for budget adjustments for $205,000 for LEAF (Law Enforcement Assistance Fund) for vehicle purchases/lease payoffs (covered by unanticipated revenue and fund balance); $10,000 for Meadow Station PID for early bond payoff (covered by fund balance), $6,000 for Foxwood Estates PID for early bond payoff (covered by fund balance), $25,000 for Impact Fund (Sheriff Impact Fee) for digital fingerprint systems (covered by fund balance and current SO impact fees); $25,000 for Road & Bridge roof in Simla shop (awaiting insurance settlement to cover cost). All resolutions approved.


only one scheduled BOCC meeting for November and one for December; fair board presentation; veterans’ services program; facilities survey presentation; budget presentation; state cooperative wildfire agreement

LAND USE HEARINGS (scheduled for 1PM which I did not attend):
-Preferred medical products EDZ site plan: development of a light manufacturing campus of medical products on a 60 acre site located in Matheson

-Breiner rezone: a rezone of approximately 40 acres from ag to ag residential

-Jill Duvall