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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting
July 24, 2019

-Quarterly Reports - Public Health administrative assistant presented statistics on various services: environmental services and vital statistics update (all are basically on track; exact numbers available in board packet link below) - septic permits and inspections, food licenses, vital records, tobacco grant (work in conjunction with Tri-County Health), and revenues. Only one positive test for rabies this summer (in a raccoon).

-Approval of CDS mylars, vouchers, acknowledgement of variance reports, 2nd qtr Public Trustee report, 6-month report (did not specify the nature/identity of this report)
-No public information was provided on any of the above listed items


-County Manager Sam Albrecht reported on Rd. 189 (still closed due to flooding damage); Rd. 158 is a “concern,” so emergency patching has been done - developer will be repaving and helping with patching.
-Deputy County Manager Eileen Krauth announced hiring of Facilities Manager; working on hiring a contractor to perform a facilities assessment. Community survey has had 300+ responses in a week; plan to make it available for citizen response for 60 days. Will have a table at county fair about census; will be looking for volunteers; sharing table with CO Department of Transportation. Variance reports will be up-to-date and on website by end of week.


-Susan Shick spoke about the abatement of fees for Independence: article in Elbert County News is in conflict with contract between county and Independence. Richardson is quoted in ECN article saying that at the completion of 500 homes, developer will make Rd. 158 a 4-lane road. The SIA (Subdivision Improvement Agreement) includes: 1) multiple contingencies requiring road improvement which include a traffic study advising NECESSITY for improvements AND the 700th building permit issued (which is a 76% build-out), and 2) additional contingencies related to Rd. 158 improvements include: written request from county, and in the event that (at the time of the request), Rd. 158 is a 4-lane road OR if the county has requested a 4-lane road, the developer is capped at $1.5 million contribution towards roads. Richardson said he may have made an “error when I spoke with reporter.....and that I won’t interpret a contract in this meeting.” Per the ECN article, “The combined fees total approximately $5 million that the developer, Craft Companies, will not have to pay to the county.“
(Editorial comment: the SIA was not made available to the public before a public hearing was held on the document; the commissioners still refuse to discuss the contract in a public meeting, even when asked for clarification during public comments session of BOCC meeting. There appears to be a difference in opinion in the interpretation of the SIA/Independence between the chair of the BOCC and a very well-informed citizen who has done her research.)

Link to SIA Independence document: Look at section 22G of the SIA which seems to cover the entire agreement related to Rd. 158:




-approval of 7/10/19 BOCC minutes
-proclamation dedicating the EC Fairgrounds Agricultural Building in memory of Roger Lee Evans: Roger Lee Evans Agricultural Building


-agenda items for next meeting (library board trustees, pipeline update, IGAs),workshops, pending hearings


-Town of Limon Gravel Pit - Special Use by Review for the continuation and expansion of an existing sand and gravel extraction use on a 97.51 acre property located at 46825 Hwy 24, Limon
- EC Zoning and Subdivision and Regulations Amendment #2


-Jill Duvall

Link to today’s BOCC packet:

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