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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting
June 26, 2019

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-approval of CDS mylars, vouchers, acknowledgement of receipt of variance reports


-Dallas Schroeder, County Clerk, reported on: 1) hearing officer for Board of Equalization - will prepare resolution to appoint one; hearings start July 16. 2) he has been appointed by Teller County to monitor recall election there (Teller County pays costs).


-a citizen suggested revisiting a citizens’ finance committee
-no variance reports on county website for 2019


-Centennial Mental Health Update: Dr. Elizabeth Hickman reported that they serve about 700 individuals in EC - that number has remained steady over several years; reviewed specific prevention and outpatient services/early interventions/crisis responses they provide (5,700 per year). Will soon be able to provide more jail-based services (mental health) due to increased state funding.

-2018 Audit Report (Rubin Brown, External Auditor): essentially performs 2 separate audits (one of the county funds and one of the federal funds county receives); across-the-board, the county received a “clean” opinion; complimented county departments for their competency and accessibility. Accomplishments: filled finance manager and assistant county manager positions, implemented/updated grants policy, issued PID for Sun Country, inventoried parcels of land. Material weaknesses: previous issues with grants downgraded to less serious (still not completely corrected); new standard required for reporting on gathering and distributing tax revenues to various departments; cyber security needs to be addressed. County provides documents to auditor who prepares the audit. (Audit is available on county website.)

Citizen comments on audit: congratulations to county for improving systems over the past several years; revenues from property taxes are increasing but county continues to spend in direct proportion to increased income - county needs to put more into reserves (per the audit, long-term debt has increased).

-Review of IGA with Elizabeth relating to road maintenance: County Attorney Bart Greer stated that Elizabeth has received funds and has responsibility for maintenance of Pine Ridge Rd.
-Information Technology Project Plan update: IT Director Jen Grote reported that weekly meetings are occurring; have completed historical review and data collection. County department supervisors are responsible for applicable training; have identified several areas of “no clear understanding” of IT by county staff. Plan to present final report to BOCC on August 28.

Citizen comment on IT: has been an ongoing problem - both sides (IT and individual departments) continue to say that it’s the “other person’s job” to post information on website; website is incomplete, especially compared to other county websites.

-Zoning/Subdivision Regulations update plan: CDS Director Christina Stanton reported that Amendment 2 to Zoning Regs goes to Planning Commission on July 9 and to BOCC on July 24.

-approval of 6/12/19 minutes

-agenda items for next meeting, workshops/study sessions, pending hearings

A link to the board packet to review applicable documents:


(I did not attend - following is from agenda):
-County initiated rezone XX/NZ (Resolution 19-0063): rezone of various properties currently designated XX or NZ (not zoned)

-Spring Valley Ranch filing #6 Concept Plan

-Jill Duvall