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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting
May 8, 2019

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(Editorial comment: for the first time since I have been attending BOCC meetings, the agenda was actually up on the overhead screen for citizens to view. Additionally, power point presentations were displayed for two of the discussion items.....progress.)

-approval of CDS mylars, vouchers, acknowledgement of CDS pipeline report, liquor license renewal for Hi-Test Liquor, Gambel Oaks Community Wildfire Protection Plan


-Eric Larson, Economic Development intern, recognized May 5-11 as National Small Business Week in EC.

-Susan Murphy, Assessor, mentioned that Notices of Value (NOVs) were sent out; thanked her staff for hard work. Mentioned the online resources available regarding values. Willing to take phone calls about your property valuation. Citizens have until June 3 to appeal property value. Thayer said that there has been a lot of “interactive internet activity going on” about property values; process is behind handled adequately by Assessor’s office.




-“Pedal the Plains” event wrap-up: Sam Albrecht, County Manager, reported. 750 riders participated, reviewed initial goals, media interactions/sponsors, finances (EC broke even, Kiowa’s profit $1300+), lessons learned (would we do it again? Ask Albrecht in 3-5 years)

-IT Project Plan Update: Albrecht stated that 2 meetings held so far. Written plan update will be available in “a month or so.” Will compare financial investment of EC to other counties; goal is to look at where we will be in 3 years. A citizen asked that IT improvements include sheriff’s department.

-Kiowa/Elbert County Law Enforcement IGA (intergovernmental agreement): Bart Greer, County Attorney, stated that we are “close to” a final agreement regarding providing law enforcement services to Kiowa; contemplating receiving compensation for those services.

-Commercial Vehicle Model Traffic Code Ordinance: update allowing EC to enforce laws regarding specific violations; goal of this update relates to increase in commercial traffic coming through the county (overweight vehicles, etc.).

-EC Economic Development Briefing: Larson presented a “concept, not a blueprint” for economic development in the county. Bottom line: rapid exurban growth on edge of metro; slowly growing east (less than 5%, rural). Growth is coming; development is still a choice. EC’s niche: open space, affordability, proximity to Denver, population growth. Summarized census tracts; compared to neighboring counties (income, density, demographics, etc.). How to achieve economic development: 1) understand/gather community data (surveys, identify partners and assets); 2) when county is ready and community supports (corporations, authorities, foundations, etc.); need to measure effectiveness; recommends person within EC govt - probably a planner or finance specialist; 3) suggestions to make this work: seek out grants, mentors/partners, preserve or build niche advantage, citizens matter.

(Editorial comment: a very generalized presentation with similar premises/predictions/assumptions/outcomes that the county paid another individual to formulate a few years ago.)

-Resolution and Letter clarifying non-regulation of oil and gas well sitings: Greer spoke to recent legislative updates regarding oil and gas. County is updating 2017 resolution while also indicating that the county has not and will not regulate sites; close to completion of 2019 resolution. Thayer stated that well sites will be decided by operator, not the county.


-approval of 4/24/19 minutes

-agenda items for next meeting; workshops/study sessions; pending hearings



-Gambel Hills Rezone (RZ-18-0085) and Minor Development (MD-18-0086); a request to rezone from ag (A) to agricultural residential (AR) and a Minor Residential Development of a 53.6 acre parcel, located at 38325 CR 5, Elizabeth, into 5 lots

-Jill Duvall