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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting
April 24, 2019

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-quarterly Board of Health meeting - Geri Spear, Director of Health and Human Services, reported on vital records statistics and environmental services which are all trending downward from previous years; community health assessment process (CHAPS) update - 350 surveys done mostly by EC citizens which will inform process as the county moves through evaluation - will be looking at what services county can do internally vs. collaboratively; staffing update - advertising for a Public Health Administrator and explained various scenarios she’s exploring for other staffing positions; Tobacco Grant - Tri-County Health would like to hire a full-time person which would include coverage in EC to carry out programs/projects. Thayer mentioned a 30,000+ acre piece of property (agricultural land in NE EC which is owned by the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District) - MOU between Arapahoe Co., EC and MWRD - which included a monitoring plan for biosolids application and farm management practices.

-TriCounty Bio Solid Waste IGA (intergovernmental agreement) - there’s $40,000 available for monitoring/staffing of the MWRD; county has no one, at this point, to do the necessary work.
(Editorial comment: The lack of a power point presentation made this disorganized report difficult to follow. It should be county policy to provide either a power point or a printed report for citizens to refer to during meetings, since there is no public WiFi to allow access to online documents while they are being discussed.)

-approval of CDS mylars, vouchers, receipt of variance reports, 1st qtr Public Trustee report, liquor license renewal for Spring Valley Golf, approval of 2019 chip seal contract (amended to 120 days) for $920,000 - roads impacted are CR 125, CR 45, CR 13, CR 150, CR 5, CR 146, CR 142 and CR 17/21.


-announcement of EC photo contest winners - Eileen Krauth, Deputy County Manager, announced winners. Youth winner: Bonnie Skalecke, Adult winner: John Duvall. Winning photos were on display; monetary gifts awarded.

-Krauth also updated on facilities assessment project; had over a dozen firms show up to tour facilities in response to RFP (request for proposal). Proposals due mid-May.

-Sam Albrecht, County Manager, announced that today is Administrative Professionals’ Day.






-approval of 4/10/19 minutes as amended (Thayer corrected the Library Board appointments; minutes stated that 2 appointments were previously denied, but only 1 was previously denied)

-2018 supplemental appropriation resolution - most of the audit is completed; preliminary result is “excellent.” Citizen Susan Shick asked about supplemental appropriation: is county taking $450,000 from general fund, etc. to augment PID? Would like to get final cost of Sun Country paving and more accurate/detailed info about the quoted monetary amounts; asked why county residents are footing the bill for about 1/3 of this PID project. Also, no 2019 county vendor payments on county website; 2018 vendor payments also incomplete/inaccurate. Commissioner Richardson stated that monies above PID bid were for administrative oversight, etc. Supplemental appropriation resolution passed.

-employee referral bonus program policy - Krauth explained that this program allows current employees to refer candidates for county employment and receive bonus. Approved.

-Public Hearings: Naked Goat, new hotel/restaurant liquor license approved.

-agenda items for next meeting: economic development, wrap-up on Pedal the Plains

- Commissioner Thayer asked Albrecht if the IT Study would be ready for discussion. (Albrecht had stated at the 2/27/19 BOCC meeting that there would be an IT Study draft presented on 3/13/19 by Jen Grote. So such presentation has materialized).


-Special Use Review SU-18-0041: Once Upon a Time Wedding Venue

-Jill Duvall