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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting
March 27, 2019

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-approval of CDS mylars, vouchers, variance reports; ratification of emergency declaration, resolution appointing Eileen Krauth to the EC Building Authority Board of Directors
-deleted item G4 (Tri-County Bio Solid Waste IGA) from agenda


-Dallas Schroeder, County Clerk, reported that refund checks (for SOT overcharges) to county residents went out 3/19/19. If citizens haven’t received their refunds, contact Schroeder.
-Sam Albrecht, County Manager, reported that county audit starts next week. Will be doing reappropriation of funds and supplemental expenditures (per state statute), to be noticed in newspaper.
-Alex Jakubowski, OEM, reported on how county handled recent bomb cyclone; sheltered 400+ people; Pam Witucki prepared food for many; held post-storm “after action review” with involved entities. Albrecht and the commissioners commended the OEM for their management of storm.
-Kyrie Zion, Road and Bridge, stated that grants are being sought to assist with snow fences and other drifting mitigation; will have slide presentation at next BOCC meeting.
-Albrecht stated that costs of storm are being totaled.
-Eileen Krauth, Deputy County Manager, stated that county is planning an appreciation event for folks that came together to offer assistance during the storm.




-IT Project Plan Presentation: Albrecht stated that IT draft plan is first step to define where the county needs to be; will be ready to discuss it more “in a couple weeks.” Jen Grote, IT Director, was present but offered no further insights into IT plans.
-Library Board Appointments: Rick Brown, Acting Library Board President, presented new recommendations: Alan Krenek and Patty Lampman. Reappointments presented: Rick Brown, Paula Wilderman and Jill Duvall. Commissioners were previously provided with a letter with qualifications of all nominees; Brown shared that information. Commissioner Thayer encouraged the Library Board and the county to continue to improve their relationship (which the IGA should promote); Brown invited the commissioners and Albrecht to attend Library Board meetings or to set up another meeting, if they desire.

Citizen Marlene Groves spoke highly of Krenek; asked whether the nominees represent all areas of the county. Brown stated that the library is constrained (in their board recommendations) by who applies. Schroeder stated that 3 of the nominees serve as election judges (and he said all do a fine job as election judges), but if the library were to put an item on the ballot, these 3 people couldn’t serve as election judges (which is established protocol). The commissioners moved this to an action item for the next BOCC meeting.

-Resolution Supporting/Organizing 2020 Census Complete Count Committee: Krauth reported that resolution will create complete county committee for EC for census; 6 members; first census with online element; hope to bring back appointments at next meeting.
-Tri-County Bio Solid Waste IGA: deleted from agenda
-811 Update: utility locate service; will expedite utility locates due to improved online information


-Approved 2/27/19 and 3/13/19 minutes


-agenda items for next meeting, workshop/study sessions, pending hearings: library board, IT plan, Road and Bridge slide show, solid waste IGA, update on budget appropriations, RFP for facilities study


-BOCC went into executive session to “conference with the County attorney and to discuss matters related to and concerning legal advice on specific legal questions, or consultation with legal counsel concerning disputes that are the subject of pending or imminent court proceedings......”



-Elbert gravel pit
-Integrity Auto Rezone
-Delbert Hills RZ and MD
-Amendments to ECZR and Group Event Permitting

-Jill Duvall