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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting
February 27, 2019

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CONSENT AGENDA: -approval of CDS mylars, vouchers
-appointment of ECCOG Board Representative: Simla mayor


-Deputy County Manager Eileen Krauth briefed the commissioners on what she’s been working on (this is only her 4th day on the job)
-County Manager Sam Albrecht shared that DOLA had a 2 hour training session for the Planning Commission; also introduced new planner Troy Hangen (first in-house planner the county has employed since 2016)
-County Clerk Dallas Schroeder announced that the state will handle refunds for those who have been overcharged by the DMV; refunds totaling more than $41,000 for EC will be sent out in March; training for election security occurred in August 2018 - EC commended for their domain security in February 2019




-Jail Study Briefing: power point presentation by Justice Concepts, Inc. who completed a statistical analysis and needs assessment. For EC jail: lack of bed space, often overcapacity (no ability to accommodate peak times), foreseeable growth, limited in classification and in management options (separation of types of inmates); poorly designed jail; safety and security concerns; deteriorating condition - aging infrastructure, code and ADA violations/concerns. Recommendations: implement pretrial release program, add one felony plea day per month to speed deposition, add more Correction Board decision making days to speed candidates into community corrections programs, additional court dates to resolve probation violations - all contribute to reducing the jail population. Ultimate need: begin plan to replace or expand/renovate jail. $17-$20 million estimated cost to build new jail for 100 beds (Editorial comment: EC owes a debt of approximately $5 million on the current facility; numerous refinances have occurred since the jail was built in the 1980’s).
-IT Status Study: Albrecht stated that on March 13, there will be an IT study draft presented by Jen Grote, Albrecht, and Krauth; will bring in outside consultants. CivicClerk has been a “great success.” Will be looking at bringing some IT services in-house.
-Public Comment on IT: Marlene Groves thinks it is a “great step” to look at IT; recent website enhancement was just to “pretty up” the website.

-Consideration of Library Board Appointments: Acting President of the Pines and Plains Library District (due to resignation of former president) Rick Brown stated that 2 additional vacancies will be voted on at the 2/27/19 trustee meeting. Current nominees presented for reappointment: Rick Brown, Jill Duvall and Paula Wilderman. Commissioner Thayer would like to see all nominees presented together. Brown stated that this would be acceptable.
-Public Comment on Library: Marlene Groves doesn’t like the divide between the commissioners and the library.


-approval 2/13/19 BOCC minutes
-2020 Budget Guidance: approved. Getting budget goals out to staff.
-Ratification of Planning Commission Appointment Schedule: accepted terms of current appointees.
-Consideration of Library Board Annual Financial Report: presented by Pines and Plains Library Director Tim Miller. Great year - growth of services and revenue. Visits up 10%; activity attendance (programs) up 22%; research services up 60%; wi-if use by patrons up 31%; hours open up 15%; days open up 5%. All services grew as a result of planning and adaptation. Strategic goals: maintain financial stability, utilize outreach to create community destinations, and increase service capacity. Needs assessment goals
- added to book budgets, faster internet and computers, more promotion, ebook experts, hundreds of activities, coffee available, increased hours and staff. Finances: income exceeded revenue by $164,327. Elizabeth Library pay-off progress - almost achieved. Current administration (since 2015) turned the tide by significantly increasing revenues over expenses. What’s next: develop/expand facilities; foster creativity and local culture; and engage communities through remote services, outreach, partnership and marketing. Budget priorities: capital fund for improvements, increase staff, offer more competitive wages, fund meeting/study spaces, and increase funds for collections. Commissioner Pettit asked about early pay-off of lease purchase agreement. Commissioner Richardson thanked Miller for presenting required reports. Commissioner Thayer summarized the remarkable and positive improvements in the financial condition of the library district since 2015, stating that when he came on the Library Board in 2015, the finances were in dire straits. Report accepted.


-Consideration of Special Event Liquor License for Elizabeth Stampede: from Elizabeth Rodeo Association. Approved.

-Jill Duvall