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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting
January 23, 2019

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-2018 OWTS (On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems) report - Rachel Larson presented 2018 statistics about septic permits in EC
-Tobacco grant statistics/update - 35% regular usage of electronic tobacco devices in EC; higher than state average. 2017 tobacco usage up (this is the first year the survey asked about electronic usage). Speaker presented at Big Sandy School District. Elbert Schools will have motivational speaker 1/31/19. Working with Elizabeth School District about future programs and resources available for implementation.
-CHAPS survey update - Community Health Assessment Survey on county website and EC Public Information page; also available in county buildings and libraries. 160 responses so far; available to citizens for completion through Feb. 2019.
Board of Health meeting adjourned.

CONSENT AGENDA: approval of CDS vouchers and mylars; ambulance license Limon; EC annual fire operating plan adoption; public trustee 4th qtr. report


-Sam Albrecht, County Manager, reported on blizzard and county’s response. Sheriff Tim Norton reported on a rescue his department made. Alex Jakubowski, OEM, highlighted excellent communications between agencies during storm.
-Albrecht reported that Eileen Krauth (City Council Administrator with City of CO Springs) has been hired as Deputy County Manager; will start on 2/20/19. Eileen was present at the meeting. Press release to come out today.
-Albrecht also introduced Mike Moore, Code Compliance officer. Moore spoke about his training so far, site visits, etc. Goal is for citizens to correct the problems to avoid legal action. Website to be updated for better communications with citizens regarding code compliance.




-2020 budget guidance - Albrecht reported that 2020 guidelines to be ready in February; new hires and new elected officials should accelerate the process.
-facilities plan - Albrecht reported on goal of identifying “sufficient working space for all the county staff and elected officials.” Plan to pull together “project plan” within the next couple weeks. Jail study briefing on 2/27/19. Need to plan for projected growth to make sure county is staffed to handle growth. Listed priorities for facility assessment.


-resolution for cancellation of uncollectible tax - resolution passed. County Treasurer Sherry Hewlitt reported that 5 mobile homes (destroyed or moved off property) for 2017 included in this. One personal property tax assessment also written off due to a business that no longer exists. Total amount written off: $2000.00+.


Next meeting Feb. 13, 2019.
-budget guidance document, facilities project plan


-EDZ Overlay - changes from last review: A Baseline contracted representative summarized past history of EDZ. (Editorial comment: Why is our CDS director -who possesses the necessary planning degree and experience - not performing this task? Baseline is costing the county a lot of $$$). All uses will now have to be reviewed by BOCC and must comply with Comprehensive Plan update. EDZ in EC will “directly enhance the health, safety and welfare of its residents.” Comments from town of Elizabeth: they don’t recommend approval of proposed EDZ changes; incompatible with town’s goals for area immediately surrounding the town; would like to see closer evaluation of each parcel before rezone occurs.

Public comment: Tom Maroney is concerned that the intent of EDZ rezone was to shorten timeline, but it appears that may not be accomplished. Site development plan, per Maroney, shows that 80% of these site plans are going to be minor subdivisions.
Mr. Henry asked what type of businesses will be built here, as they need customers. Which begs the question of needing more population to support the businesses, therefore more dense housing. Then....what about water? Current roads will not handle heavy traffic.
Mr. Bartak favors EDZ and would bring manufacturing into what was formerly the Sofa Towne factory in Simla; therefore more employment of county residents.

Commissioner discussion: Thayer stated that intent is to speed up process (save 60-90 days). Said that the county would “pay attention” to water issue; CDOT will be in charge of road issues along hwy 86. EC will receive 4X as much property tax from business vs. residential. Pettit believes that this will improve job opportunities and increase revenue stream to the county. Richardson stated that the county has accommodated the town of Elizabeth’s concerns; there will be no uses by right - a site plan needs to be developed for each proposal with public hearing.

EDZ (part 2, Section 28) economic overlay amendment language approved unanimously.
EDZ zoning map approved unanimously.

-amendments to COUNTY ZONING REGULATIONS - referrals sent out: building department commented on compliance language; Elizabeth Fire would like to be invited to pre-app meetings; updated accessory dwelling unit (ADU) section - specific lot sizes and what’s allowed on them defined in this updated ADU; process for EDZ site development plan added.

Public comment: A Wildpointe resident asked that referrals come to HOA before coming to the county to assure compliance with HOA rules (current issue with homeowner who came to county first and HOA’s notice after the fact is causing an issue); suggested that special districts be part of the review process.

County Attorney Bart Greer has concerns about county getting involved with enforcement of HOA guidelines.

Leslie Titus addressed the issue of building a home for her mother on their property (about 16 acres); lots above 5 acres would allow a non-integrated (unattached) second dwelling.
Chris Ware spoke about a residence in her neighborhood whose owner wants to convert to a group home and build a separate residence; Greer said it is a case-by-case issue so no answer to her concern at this time.

EC Zoning Regulation changes approved unanimously.

-amendments to COUNTY SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS - CO Division of Water Resources (CWR) commented on wording needed to bring language into compliance with state statutes; change to 21 day referral process; language brought into alignment with EDZ.

Public comment: Wildpointe resident spoke on notice issue - again, better communication needed; Wildpointe documents are PUD controlled - asked if residents are protected by PUD documents - per county, PUD prevails.

Another resident suggested getting on the list distributed by county building department of all permits being applied for in order to keep up on what’s happening in one’s neighborhood.

EC Subdivision Regulation changes approved unanimously.

-Jill Duvall