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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting
October 24, 2018

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CONSENT AGENDA: voucher approval, variance reports, 3rd qtr Public Trustee report, draft 2019 budget, engagement of services for county manager, IGA/dispatch contract with Douglas County, plus 2 more (one having to do with marijuana ordinance and one relating to Rd. 109...check county website for details as these items were not on printed agenda; County Manager Sam Albrecht was asked to update the county website with more details on these 2 items). Blanket approval of all items on Consent Agenda.

Consent Agenda items are not discussed during the meeting nor is documentation provided to citizens regarding these items; upon requesting information about items on the Consent Agenda, I have been informed that I need to submit an Open Records Request, wait 3 days, and pay for the copies requested. Additionally, public comment is not solicited on Consent Agenda items.

(While accessing documents on the county website, I did locate the County Manager’s contract which runs from 10/2/18 thru 10/1/2020, a 2-year contract, with an annual salary of $105,000.)


-Gerri Spear, Director of Health and Human Resources - addition to building (modular) delivered this week. Bulk of funding came from Public Health fund balance.

-County Manager Sam Albrecht stated that 10/30/18 will be work study session on budget with final presentation at BOCC meeting on 11/14/18. December 19 will be public hearing for 2019 budget. Plaque presented to Road and Bridge for living snow fence accomplishments (decreases maintenance time on roads). Director of Administration Justin Klassen introduced Michelle Schrote, new Finance Manager with CPA certification; comes from Great Outdoors Colorado where she worked with the CFO; she is a county resident.



-Strategic Plan Rollout: Albrecht reported that he will ask for adoption on 11/14/18. Presented an outline --- 2 primary documents guide EC: 1) EC County Comprehensive Plan (completed in April) after a “long, public involved process” and 2) EC Strategic Plan (completed in October) “after a long internal and external process” and covers internal processes and resources (staff, capital, budget).

-How did we come up with Strategic Plan? 1) Vision/mission/goals developed during work study sessions and town halls, 2) surveys completed by staff and volunteers, 3) citizen engagement surveys, 4) growth projections reviewed, and 5) strategies and objectives developed under each goal. New vision statement (basically reworded previous vision statement). No changes to mission statement or county core values.

Goals of Strategic Plan (summarized):

  • maintain and promote financially sustainable county government that is transparent and effective
  • ensure qualified, well-trained workforce
  • deliver plans, updates and status to citizens via multiple channels while ensuring open, 2-way communications
  • plan for continuity of government in case of disaster, infrastructure failure, or economic impacts
  • support growth and economic activity
  • “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is Albrecht’s guiding statement.

Commissioner Richardson stated that when these commissioners arrived, “We had a flat organization,” and that there wasn’t a “desire” to do anything differently by the county.

He stated that we need measurable goals. Commissioner Thayer noted that when he was elected commissioner, there was no future planning in evidence.

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-Public Comment on Strategic Plan: Marlene Groves asked about measurable financial goals in plan. Commissioners said that they will be referenced in the budget.

-Update on Building Authority: Albrecht stated that this was created in order to re-bond Justice Center. Will be appointing 3 people to form a committee for this (Albrecht, Klassen and Schrote).

-Resolution requiring fire service/fire district inclusion fee; needs to be proof of service by fire department when there’s a request for a new building; will meet with affected fire departments before this becomes action item; concern about safety in outlying areas - no fire department is obligated to respond to these areas and no funds for reimbursement to fire departments when they do respond.


-Approval of 8/29/18 and 9/12/18 minutes.


-liquor license for Singing Hills Liquor: County Clerk Dallas Schroeder read application - new name: Singing Wine Liquor LLC, and new owner. Approved.

-agenda for 11/14/18 meeting: approval of minutes, update on Building Authority, workshops/study sessions (tentative 10/30/18@9am), pending hearings, proposed county ordinances, final presentation of draft 2019 budget, fee schedule, elections, building code, strategic plan, appointments to Building Authority, fire service/inclusion fee

Schroeder reported on voting/elections so far; mobile unit making 3 appearances around the county.


LAND USE HEARINGS @1PM: (I did not attend this hearing. Following are the items that were to be considered):

-DB Speed SIA
-IREA Reliability Project Extension
-Elbert Fire District XX Rezone
-Delbert Hills - RZ-17-0014/MD-18-001

-Jill Duvall