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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting
October 10, 2018

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CONSENT AGENDA: voucher approval, acknowledgement of CDS pipeline report, resolution approval directing CDS to begin county-wide rezoning of XX/NZ properties, Kiowa Water Authority quit claim deed


-Sam Albrecht, County Manager, reported on containment of a small wildfire last week; Road and Bridge Dept. does not grade muddy roads

-Dallas Schroeder, County Clerk, reported on elections - judges’ training sessions; mobile VSPC this year (Simla 10/22, Rattlesnake Training Center in NW part of county 10/23, Elbert School 10/24)



-Presentation by EC Agricultural Alliance: Diane Cribley reported on this new non-profit; focuses on education; need in county for education on rural educational skills; proposing (with Elizabeth Parks & Rec) to build a homestead center off Cimarron Trail (where there is an abandoned ball field)

- vision is for greenhouse, learning center, gardens, native plant demonstrations, livestock management, conservation techniques, etc. Parks & Rec has an online survey. Applying for GOCO (lottery) grant to fund site analysis. Mr. Cook, representing Parks & Rec, spoke in favor of the Ag Alliance and summarized some concerns that have been addressed.

-National 4H Week Proclamation: New CSU Extension Agent introduced - Willie Wilkins; 4Her Danielle Bogner spoke about her many positive 4H experiences. Albrecht read the proclamation declaring this as 4H Week in Elbert County.

-2019 Budget Calendar Update: Albrecht reported that draft budget is due to BOCC 10/15/18. Public hearing on budget 11/14/18 at BOCC meeting. Budget adoption and to state by 1/31/19. Albrecht will “try to” publish a draft of the budget for the public, but waiting for 3rd qtr numbers to complete it.


-Approval of 8/29/18 and 9/12/18 minutes.

-Resolution Against Passage of Proposition 112 - motion by commissioners to pass resolution opposing Prop 112 which would require 2500’ setbacks from buildings for oil and gas (fracking) operations. An Oil and Gas representative spoke in support of the commissioners’ resolution and thanked commissioners for “keeping EC open for business.” Citizen Jim Duvall stated that the commissioners should take a stand on all resolutions if they take a stand on 112 and asked why they are only picking out one ballot proposition on which to pass a resolution. Commissioner Thayer stated that oil and gas supported his family and that Proposition 112 is a “taking” of a property right. Commissioner Richardson reminded us that we need stability in our revenue stream. Resolution approved.

-Agenda items for next meeting: consideration of minutes; resolution requiring fire service/fire district inclusion fee; 2019 draft budget; strategic plan rollout; update on EC Building Authority

-Workshops/work study sessions: fees and applications 10/17/18@11AM (tentative); town hall at Agate School 10/17/18@6:30PM-8:30PM; town hall at fairgrounds 10/18/18@6:30PM-8:30PM; budget work study session 10/31/18@9AM (tentative); consideration of liquor license for Singing Hills Liquor


-Jill Duvall