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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting
September 12, 2018

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A special Board of Health meeting was held prior to the BOCC meeting:

-onsite wastewater treatment systems: Gerri Spear, Director of Health and Human Services, turned the presentation over to Rachel Larson, Public Health and Environment Administrator. Numbers for new septic systems similar to 2016 and 2017.

-Community Health Assessment Plan -Tobacco use and obesity were main 2 health issues in EC at most recent county evaluation; will be performing update of issues.

-Tobacco Grant update with Tri-County Health - Spear stated that a tobacco grant is available to support our health department; $48,000/yr (3 year grant); focus is working with schools re: tobacco education/usage prevention. Commissioners approved contract with Tri-County Health and asked for regular progress reports.

CONSENT AGENDA: approved vouchers, CDS mylars, Murphy Express liquor license renewal, CDS pipeline report, EC Fire Station Rezone Resolution, EC Hotline MOU


-Sam Albrecht, County Manager, is putting together a draft proposal for GIS system; hopes to start this year and finish next year.
-Strategic Plan - Albrecht plans to present to BOCC in early October.
-Fee Schedule update - Albrecht reported that he plans to schedule work study session with CDS/HDS/Public Works next week.
-Communication tower in Simla completed and running.



- Fair Board Briefing: Tammi Schneider, Fair Board President and Kristi Strachan, Fair Board Treasurer - Ms. Strachan reported that the fair board came in under budget by $7,000; raised almost $21,000 in sponsorships (due to hard work of fair board members soliciting sponsors) and asked that the fair board be allowed to roll the excess funds into 2019 county fair. Schneider reported that carnivals can’t make enough money to participate in our fair due to skyrocketing liability insurance costs and relatively low attendance numbers. Mission for fair is to remain free (with exception of Bucking Futurity). Participation numbers by 4Hers were up. Summary of new events: events for kids (trackless train, pedal car obstacle course), road grader rodeo, interactive horse pull, parade route through grandstands (CSU president present to honor Betty Hood). Issues: biggest concern was condition of arena, need more portable bleachers, security for ticketed events, campground updates, facilities repairs (barns). Fair board and 4H families invaluable. Thanks to county employees for their help.
Commissioner Richardson stated that it’s “beyond time” to look at the Fairgrounds Master Plan. Commissioner Thayer stated that the county fair is a “credit to the county.”
Public comment - Marlene Groves stated that she visited other fairs; she thinks that we need to put policies in place to keep the fair “politically neutral.” Susan Shick thanked the fair board for doing a lot with not a large budget; had some concerns about safety issues related to moving portable bleachers. Asked the commissioners to increase the fair budget (given the county’s willingness to make interest free loans to an HOA); she prefers some of this money go to the fair as it affects the entire county. Ric Morgan stated that our fair is the envy of counties around us. He represents veterans’ affairs and stated that there was no veterans’ table at the fair due to unsuitable location; hopes to be able to work out an agreement to be present at 2019 fair.

-Update on 2019 Budget Development - Albrecht said the planning is “well underway.” He’s working with departments; plans to schedule work study sessions. Behind schedule. Plans to present to public in early October.

-Update on Pedal the Plains - Albrecht summarized events. Over 800 registered riders; Governor will be here for welcome on Friday morning 9/14/18 (riders return to Kiowa on Sunday 9/16/18). Partnership with Town of Kiowa. Roads not closed for event; rules-of-the-road ride, not a race.

-Update on status of employee evaluations - Diana Hiatt, Human Resources, reported that the auditor had made a recommendation that the county stay on top of this. She stated that all supervisors do an annual employee evaluation on employee’s anniversary date. 70% of evaluations are up-to-date (107 out of 164 completed). Goals: review new process with elected officials and forms used; want supervisors to give more timely feedback to employees.

Thayer wants to encourage employees to attain continuing education for advancement; Willcox stated that supervisors need adequate training.
Public comment - Susan Shick asked if the state provides commissioners with training for performing the Board of Equalization (property tax appeals) duties; no specific training provided. Willcox stated that most counties use “referees” (professionals) so county commissioners don’t participate in CBOE. Shick asked that the commissioners coordinate with the assessor’s office regarding ad valorem licensure requirements.

-CivicPlus Update - Dallas Schroeder, County Clerk, said training sessions will be scheduled (hopefully next week) for new agenda and minutes systems (as far as access to documents). Working with various departments to be able to access system for updating their info. Should be able to do a “dry run” in October.

-Albrecht reported that one of the veterans who served as an intern with the county is now the Town Manager of Kiowa. Eric Larson, soon to be retiring from Air Force, is currently serving a fellowship with the county (thru December); hopes to eventually work in local government.


-approval of 8/22/18 minutes.

-aagenda items for next meeting: minutes approval, workshops/study sessions - county website study session, pending hearings



-44 Delbert - continued until October 24, 2018

-Double Beam Hay Special Use Review (case no. SU-18-0008) - Christine Denton, CDS Director presented: 35 acres, hay to be delivered by approximately 12 semis/month with retail sales to customers, located east of Rd. 29 on High Country Trail. Concerns about condition of road, traffic, dust, etc. County maintains High Country Trail. Applicant spoke about future plans for this business, proper state licenses, rerouting traffic to mitigate dust, etc.

Public Comment - Mary Hall spoke against proposal due road conditions resulting from more than one hay business on the road. Another citizen spoke in favor of this business due to the integrity of the owners; stated that traffic and dust aren’t an issue on this road. A person from Cowboy Up stated that Double Beam is a quality hay provider that serves the county well. Scott Hall spoke about the terrible condition of the road; public notice for meeting was not very visible to public. Applicant stated that sign was placed where county instructed. Application approved with conditions.

-Mary Slade rezone - Slade County Rezoning (case no. RZ-18-0052); Vince Harris of Baseline explained XX zoning (properties were sub lot size, created after 1983 - mapping by county basically mislabeled these by giving them zoning designations that didn’t exist in EC); request to rezone 5 acres to RA-1. Approved by commissioners.

-Jill Duvall