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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting

June 13, 2018

Voucher approval, acknowledgement of CDS pipeline report, approval of Library Board IGA (inter-governmental agreement) with BOCC

-Sam Albrecht, County Manager, announced that new CDS Director, Christina Stanton, from Missouri starts in July. County will be working towards a new board agenda system (new software). Pedal the Plains, bicycle event (September 14-16) will be headquartered out of EC fairgrounds; sponsored by governor’s office and Denver Post. Public Works will be extending CR 178. DOLA will be coming to EC to share available state resources with county on economic development, transportation, water, and open space/parks.

-Susan Shick asked about audit briefing mentioned under board planning for next BOCC meeting. Commissioner Willcox stated that he doesn’t know when public presentation of audit will occur.

-Strategic plan update: Albrecht stated that county is in compilation and draft stage. Will be made public when finalized; have received first draft outline. Hopes to have it completed by July 11.
-Water Supply Study final report: Will Koger of Forsgren Associates reported that renewable water in the county is “fully subscribed.” Revised cost analysis in report. Potential scenarios: continue using Denver Basin groundwater, or importing 10 or 25% more water. $475 million to produce full demands through 2050 using DB groundwater or importing 10%. To import 25% would reduce costs. No emergency to bring in renewable water right now. Well monitoring will continue. Commissioners accepted final report and will direct CDS to utilize this plan moving forward.
-Fee Schedule for Building, CDS and Public Works: Albrecht stated that this has become a much more major project than anticipated. Will bring a guidance document to commissioners on 6/26/18, taking into account what neighboring counties charge as well as the need to cover costs; on 7/11/18, plan to present entire new fee structure; on 7/25/18, plan to present centralized accounting system for fees.
Susan Shick commented on the fact that the last CDS Director already did a study on surrounding counties’ fee structures and prepared a report for the county. Shick is “embarrassed” that the county is still spinning its wheels on this issue, particularly in light of the fact that citizens have recently seen significant property tax increases. Why should the county spend more time/resources to redo this?
-Retention of Underwriter/Placement Agent Agreement for future bonds (MSRB G-17): Justin Klassen, Director of Administration, reported that the county is working on streamlining PID process via engagement of placement agency for benefit of county; will reduce associate costs and staff labor; would only collect fees if bond passes.
-Update on Medical and Recreational Marijuana: Bart Greer, County Attorney, recommends updating the county’s ordinance on these issues; working with sheriff’s department; currently in draft stages. Plans to finalize for ordinance adoption (changes have occurred since previous BOCC’s adopted language).
-Disorderly House Ordinance Update: Troy McCoy, Undersheriff, reported that county is trying to adopt language for controlling “prostitution, wild parties” and other noise issues. McCoy stated that “if you flip someone off in public, it is disorderly conduct.” CLICK HERE TO READ DRAFT
Susan Shick stated that she attended a study session years ago where the commissioners did away with the county noise ordinance due to lack of law enforcement personnel and the fact that the state already had a statute dealing with this. She suggested revisiting the county’s previous ordinance.

-Colorado Works/TANF and Child Care Assistance Program MOU: Jerri Spear, Director Health and Human Services, reported about perceived confusion in presentation of policies. Klassen took the blame for some of this confusion. Reviewed potential sanctions that could cost the county funds. Proposed MOU will be presented at next BOCC meeting.

Public Hearing
-Consideration of Special Event Permit for the Elizabeth Celtic Festival: Dallas Schroeder, Clerk and Recorder presented info about this recurring event. Application approved.

(Editor’s note: many items that were presented under “Discussion Items” in May were to have been moved to “Action Items”for today’s meeting; however, none of these items were ready for action today. Considering all the additional staff/salaries the county has added in 2018, it would seem that county government would be able to complete tasks on schedule).

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BOARD PLANNING June 13, 2018:
Agenda items for next meeting:
-approval of 6/13/18 and 5/23/18 minutes
-fee schedule for Building, CDS and Public Works
-Audit briefing by Rubin Brown
-Model Traffic Code, first reading
-Records Retention Policy
-Disorderly Housing Ordinance Update
-Workshops/Study Sessions
-Pending Hearings
-TANF policies

Meeting adjourned.

LAND USE HEARING at 1:00 (following BOCC meeting):
-Burmaster Second Residence Special Use Review (SU-18-0007) to be continued

Study Session at 1:00:
-Records Retention Policy

-Jill Duvall