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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting

May 23, 2018

Approval of vouchers/mylars; monthly variance reports; liquor license renewal Wal Mart; Kiowa Fire IGA for impact fee collection

-Sam Albrecht (County Manager) recognized two veterans who have been serving internships/fellowships with the county as they gained experience to carry forward into their civilian careers.
-Update on property inspections, Mike Akana (Assessor’s Office) - updating of data processing in office; contacted (via letters) gated properties - positive, cooperative responses from citizens; any property that sells in county gets an update; looking at both ag and residential zoning; identifying commercial use of property via Secretary of State’s office
-Troy McCoy (Undersheriff) - average daily population for last month in jail is 27 inmates; jail holds 32; quoted statistics for several categories (mental health, arrests, etc.); summer is busy season for arrests; EC has “great working relationship” with ALL the counties in the state; still working on status of jail study; Centennial Mental Health performs evaluations for county

-on behalf of Board of Trustees of Town of Elizabeth, Megan Vasquez spoke about the proposed EDZ (economic overlay zone); town’s concerns initially not taken into consideration by county; county is in breach of IGA which was required by DOLA as part of Elizabeth’s Master Plan grant; encouraged county to work with town and follow IGA; Commissioner Thayer said county fully intends to follow IGA - there is a one year moratorium on this currently; Angela Turnis also spoke on behalf of the Elizabeth Board of Trustees regarding EDZ - asked what has changed in the county that requires pushing the EDZ through so quickly (the Gallagher Amendment and lack of commercial development in the county are not new issues); asked why residential is being included in the EDZ if the purpose, per the county, is to add commercial tax base. Commissioner Willcox stated that this is not the appropriate time to discuss these issues. Sam Albrecht said that there will be more public hearings. Commissioner Thayer said that perhaps this process should be titled “multi-use” as opposed to EDZ.

-Marlene Groves - would like to hear more about the as yet unfinished jail study

-Update of Water Supply Study Final Comments, Ric Morgan (WAC) - widely diverse perspectives on the way forward; inconsistencies in draft from Forsgren with numbers and terminology; most folks want to keep 300 year rule but want to understand what it actually means - want to make sure that land bordering more densely populated areas doesn’t just serve as storage facility for those areas in neighboring counties; report accomplished verification of water supplies underground in EC; comments all forwarded to Forsgren for incorporation into final report - to be presented to BOCC on June 13; Commissioner Thayer said the statement that “Everybody knows we’re running out of water” is not true.
-Update on TANF Policies, Jerri Spear (Director of Health and Human Services) - has directed her staff to meld state template with county policies; has been working on this for almost 3 years
-Model Traffic Code Update, Troy McCoy (EC Sheriff’s Office) - wants to amend code and add commercial vehicles because more trucks are coming through our counties causing wear and tear on roads (with some monies from proposed fines going to county); will be public hearings about this proposal
-Fee Schedule for Building, CDS and Public Works, Sam Albrecht - “almost there” on new fee schedule; hopes to present to BOCC on June 13

-GIS Update, Sam Albrecht - a contractor met with county offices that use GIS; expecting a final report within the next 2 weeks; will work closely with Douglas County on numbering and naming roads in upcoming subdivisions
-Public Works Communication Tower, Sam Albrecht - tower in Simla in bad shape; cost of $79,000 to replace (to be done within 120 days)

-Approval of May 9, 2018 minutes
-BOCC appointed as Board of Adjustments
-ECCOG & PDC Community Block Grant Loan Application - Eastern CO Coalition of Governments and Prairie Development Corporation - grants that support commercial development that create employment
-Appointment of Planning Commission members: Peter Hoogendyk and Robert Myer

BOARD PLANNING June 13, 2018:
-approval of BOCC minutes
-Public hearing - special events permit for Elizabeth Celtic Festival
-Strategic planning process
-Marijuana update
-Workshops/study sessions:
A) May 23, 2018 John Wagner (CTSI Insurance Pool) update
B) June 13, 2018 Draft Records Retention Policy
C) Pending hearings - Burmaster Second Residence Special Use Review

Jon Wagner from CTSI Insurance pool presented the required yearly update at a study session:
-52 counties subscribe to this insurance pool
-purpose of this session is to provide loss training and risk analysis and to share trending analysis
-received a “participation plaque” for being a member of the insurance pool
-EC’s contribution is about $324,000/yr for all coverage; contribution hinges on dollar amount pool pays out
-Loss factor: 4.14 which means it would cost the county about four times more to purchase insurance through a private company; benefit of being in this pool - spreads out loss
-98 total claims filed by county over past 5 years; specific departments filing claims are similar to other counties
-have taught 17 classes in EC over 5 years to 500+ employees to assist in managing risks
-discussed use of county vehicles by county employees
-will be incorporating defensive driving class into county’s training
-explained governmental immunity as it relates to claims/when it applies
-reviewed county’s Worker’s Comp claims record

-Jill Duvall