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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting

May 9, 2018

Approval of vouchers/mylars, CDS pipeline report, liquor license renewal for Hi-Test Liquor, liquor license renewal for Spring Valley Golf Club, Big Sandy Fire IGA impact fee collection

County Manager Sam Albrecht reported on the “Pedal the Plains” event, which Elbert County is co-sponsoring: (technical problems prevented presentation of slide show)

-Annual bike event sponsored by Denver Post and governor’s office - fun ride, not a race. September 14-16. Route on county website. Starts and ends at fairgrounds. Event website -

-Rachel Buchanan, Elections Department, announced event (open to the public) for citizens to become informed about election procedures. To be held on May 30 @6:30PM.


-Update on TANF (temporary assistance for needy families) policies - Jerri Spear, Director of Health and Human Services, reported that 11 updated policies need commissioner approval; to be presented at next BOCC meeting. Need has not increased in county for TANF.

-Draft records retention policy - Justin Klassen, Director of Administration, apologized for the length of time this is taking; still in draft process; available on website; hope to have final version in June

-Regulatory and EDZ (economic overlay zone) update - Vince Harris, Community and Development Services, reported that currently about 50 applications in process (20 active), pipeline report (listing of ongoing projects) is up-to-date; commissioners would like a once-a-month pipeline report with more location detail; Regulatory Update - zoning and subdivision regulations are being worked through; draft to be completed by end of May, followed by 3 week referral period with commissioner work study session on June 13; joint BOCC and Planning Commission study session at end of June; EDZ - in mapping process; looking at going through notification process for zoning changes to be completed in July; XX and NZ Zoning - 1983 was first year zoning regs were adopted in EC; 36 XX properties on which research was not completed; NZ (no zoning) was for properties less than 35 acres; 90 total properties with these zoning designations currently; need to be updated on zoning maps; Commissioner Thayer asked about second residence/accessory dwelling units - county needs to work on this; also discussed need for temporary events process; Commissioner Richardson asked about need for clarification about animals on properties

-Model traffic code update - no report; postponed

-Right of way franchise agreements and/or revocable permit - Bart Greer, County Attorney, followed up on previous BOCC discussion; pertains to right-of-ways; telecommunications, cable companies, pipeline projects, utility projects, etc.; need to protect county’s interests

-Affordable housing projects in EC - Joel Oliver of Green Street LLC is developer for Town of Elizabeth’s proposed affordable housing project; Walnut Square Apartments is name of project; explained history of affordable housing and rules/regulations of proposed rental property; site is on Elbert St.; will be submitting plan to state on June 1 (federal government provides part of funding, state administers); 44 units total from 850-1400 square feet; very limited apt stock in Elizabeth; rents will be tied to income

-Approved 4/11/18 and 4/25/18 minutes

-Public Service Recognition Week Proclamation (May 6-12)

Special event for Elbert Town Committee on July 14 approved

Agenda items for next meeting: approval of minutes, action on TANF policies, update of Water Supply Study (final comments), schedule workshop/study session for Draft Records Retention Policy, pending hearings, 3.2 beer approval for Wal Mart; Model Traffic Code; discussion of fee schedules for CDS, Building and Public Works; CTSI workshop

Meeting recessed.

LAND USE HEARINGS: scheduled for 1:00PM

-IREA Eastern Reliability upgrade 1041 permit and Special Use Review
-Burmaster Second Residence Special Use Review
-Spring Valley Submittal V Concept Briefing

-Jill Duvall