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BOCC meeting
March 28, 2018

County Manager Sam Albrecht announced that the county has been facing severe technical/IT issues this week, and therefore documents for today’s meeting are unavailable. No paper copies of the documents were available to citizens at the meeting either.

-Fees are being reviewed and adjusted. Relevant information is on website.
-Community health assessment improvement 5-year plan to be completed this year.
-Access to care: EC is in better shape than some counties.
-Staffing updates: introduced new employee who will be doing inspections.
-Hope to add public health nurse soon.
-Public hearing: onsite wastewater treatment systems regulations - based on CO Regulation 43, changes entail reductions of wastewater flow, assisting citizens with locating their septic systems, percolation tests, and flow allowed from smaller pipes. Use permit/title transfer permit ensures homebuyers have working septic system. Will prohibit pit privys. Resolution passed to be effective June 1, 2018.

Public hearing closed. BOCC meeting convened.

CONSENT AGENDA: -Approval of vouchers/mylars, acknowledgement of receipt of variance reports, EC Annual Fire Operation Plan

Sam Albrecht reported on Town of Elizabeth/BOCC meeting to “reinvigorate economic development.” Will be a joint meeting between Elizabeth, Kiowa and Simla approximately every 6 weeks; Clay Brown from DOLA will be present at next meeting.

-Richard Smith thanked commissioners for opening Sunset Drive in Sun Country Meadows, however the recycled asphalt has turned the road into washboards. Asked for more frequent grading of roads.
-Susan Schick spoke about the documents being unavailable to citizens; commissioners should not take action on any items that impact citizens if citizens have no access to these documents to review and consider ahead of time.
-Marlene Groves reiterated about the BOCC’s silence regarding the video that disrespected her character and asked the commissioners: if the county can’t get items up on the website, how did they get the video posted on the website? Again, the commissioners were silent regarding an apology to Ms. Groves.

*Water Study Report: ( Forsgren and Associates) Will Koger repeated information from previous presentations about population growth (60,000+ by 2050) and location of that growth within the county. Projected demands for water use - Denver Basin (aquifers) water use will increase from 51%-69%. Water supplies in EC: creeks, alluvial water, Denver Basin Aquifers, designated basins (Bijou and Upper Big Sandy). Only .8% increase in water usage from aquifers even with large population increase. “Denver Basin supply can meet EC demands well into the future if managed carefully. Individual well production will generally decrease as aquifer pressures decline,” per Mr. Koger. Need to replace 10% of planned aquifer usage with renewable water from 2035-2050 and save $35million in net present value. “Much of the needed water will be moved from irrigated agriculture to municipal use.” Also, a renewable water supply system would assist during droughts.

-county continue well monitoring program indefinitely (county has already budgeted for this)
-need water conservation; have tiered rate structures
-water reuse
-centralized water and sewer systems (can pump from deeper aquifers)
-water efficient landscaping standards
-regional water planning: renewable water supply system
-water storage options
-develop water/wastewater master plan: pipeline options
-low well productivity zones need to be identified; not conducive to dense development to which Commissioner Thayer stated that the 300 year plan negates the possibility of dense development out east. Commissioner Richardson stated that conservation steps can help achieve the 300 year water requirements.
-Complete report will be available later.

Public Comment:
-Ric Morgan summarized WAC’s process that culminated in this report and offered continued support to the commissioners. Commissioner Richardson stated that this was bigger than a county problem and declined continued WAC involvement.
-Susan Schick asked that the county staff make copies of this report available to public. (An electronic copy is required by the contract to be made available to the public. Not up on the website yet).
-Mike Buck concerned about the statement: “individual well production will decrease.” Sounds like current residents’ wells will be sacrificed in favor of future growth.
(Editorial note: Will Koger was on the county Water Advisory Commission (WAC) until it was apparent that the county would be contracting for a water study. Forsgren and Associates was awarded that contract. Forsgren also engages in regional water planning).

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*CDS Update: Albrecht stated that NZ and XX zoning still being considered. Master Plan progressing - target date is public meeting on April 24. Zoning/subdivision rewrites on target. CDS director search - tentative interview schedule April 9 with 3 or 4 out-of-state candidates coming in.
*Strategic Plan Update: Albrecht said that “we continue to move forward.” Looking at surveys. Everything coming together nicely, per Albrecht.
*2019 Budget Update: met with BOCC on budget philosophy and direction. Generalities about major and minor items, but no specifics given. CPA firm is in-house to close 2017 books.
*Volunteer Appointment Process Update: Justin Klassen, Director of Administration, for BOCC appointed boards, commissions and committees. Working on standardizing process. Will follow the new BOCC Appointments Policy. Will be a page on the website to help boards manage their operations to list announcements of open positions, minutes of meetings, announcements of meetings, annual reports. Selection process for vacant positions: January deadline for boards to bring to BOCC. Expected vacancies given to county in November, up on website in December, ready for appointment in January. Staff lead will work with Clerk’s office to keep postings current. Special appointments (i.e. mid year) will follow same process. Still working on implementing this process.

Public comment: Marlene Groves asked for clarification about how many boards a citizen can serve on. Issue addressed in Appointments Policy. Only one board per person, per Richardson, “to allow more citizens to serve.”

*Update on County Owned Properties: Klassen reported that there’s a wide range of reasons the county owns these properties. Currently 90 pieces of property being researched - many are mineral rights. The assessor’s office “does a very good job” of identifying these properties. Fiscal impact: may provide revenue if county can sell these.

Public comment: Jim Duvall asked when county owned property study will be completed and how it will be made available to citizens.

-Approval of 3/14/18 minutes
-Approval of resolution authorizing treasurer to invest county funds

-Approval of Special Event Permit for Cowboy Up
-Approval of Special Event Permit for Elizabeth Rodeo Association - May 31 thru June 3

Sun Country bonding update; archiving policy update; county vehicle update; workshops/study sessions; pending hearings; land use; child abuse prevention month recognition

Richardson stated that even though documents were not available to the public for today’s meeting, the BOCC will move ahead on decision making.

Susan Schick asked for public comment on an issue important to the public - county owned vehicles - which was previously published as an agenda item, but then removed. Commissioner Willcox initially told her no public comment, but relented. Ms. Schick clarified for Commissioner Thayer that her vehicle list was dated January 2018, so is a current list. Reminded the commissioners that these vehicles are provided with citizens’ money and would like updated lists, perhaps quarterly, on county website.

Meeting adjourned.

-Jill Duvall

LAND USE HEARING was scheduled for 1:00PM to consider:
-Bijou Hills Meteorological Tower Special Use Permit
-Sage Circle Right of Way vacation (Case No. VC-18-0009)
-Prairie Ridge Rezone And Minor Residential Development (RZ-17-0010 & MD-17-0041)
-EC Zoning Regulations Amendments: Economic Development Overlay District (EDZ) (new part 11, section 27)
-EC Zoning Regulation Amendments pertaining to compliance (part 1, section 6&7 rezoning procedures and requirements)