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BOCC meeting
January 31, 2018

CONSENT AGENDA: removed sheriff’s request to enforce county rubbish ordinance; added approval of mylars

-Sam Albrecht, County Manager, introduced Justin Klassen as new Director of Administration. Revised EC Organization Chart presented - Facilities & Fairgrounds is now under the Director of Administration; addition of Asset Management under Director of Administration; GIS, Compliance and Economic Development in planning stages but not yet authorized for staffing


—Stranded properties - Sam Albrecht reported that there is a list of 92 (some are just for things like mineral rights) such properties; county will be verifying insurance coverage for liability purposes; making sure values match up with auditor’s numbers. Commissioner Thayer believes liquidating or maximizing benefits of these properties will provide “a pot of money that will benefit the county.”

—Sheriff Shayne Heap then spoke about 1122 Belgrade regarding rubbish; he wants to take it to court. Moved to grant authority to sheriff to issue summons.

—CDS Update - Albrecht reported on planning department pipeline: 3 preapplications coming, 11 preapp meetings already held, 25 past preapp meeting stage. Planning Commission will be meeting twice monthly.
Master Plan has gone to Design Workshop - preparing first draft (targeting late May or early June to BOCC).
Zoning regulations - refocusing on clearing out backlog and overlay (first draft due in June). Aligning building, zoning and subdivision regulations. Compliance patch update proposed to zoning regs that gives county more authority for enforcement (to PC on February 6 and to BOCC on February 14). Economic Development Zone Overlay is a change to zoning regs - allows commercial development in defined areas (to PC on February 6 and to BOCC on February 14). Fees - comparing our fees to neighboring counties.
CDS director search has closed - forming search committee; plan to make an offer in February; Baseline Engineering is working in county 3 days per week. Building regulations update - reviewing codes for compliance. Permit guidelines/fees being reviewed (Chris Pratt, building inspector, spoke to this issue).

—Gallagher Amendment Impacts - Commissioner Richardson explained purpose of Gallagher (to keep property taxes stable). Gallagher requires state-wide ratio of 45% residential and 55% non-residential for property tax collections. In EC, 67% of revenue is from residential. To maintain constant revenue in EC, residential must increase by $467 million or commercial property value must increase by $115 million. To diversify, EC must identify and correct assessment of commercial business use of residential properties, properly value commercial property, and encourage commercial development of undeveloped land. Public comment - Lance Bakemeyer, realtor, encouraged county to finish overlay; has commercial clients interested in doing business in EC. Citizen Susan Shick commented on Gallagher info on county website; she pointed out that on the county website there were 2 different documents; questioned if assessor’s office is correctly assessing properties; requested future presentation to public about Ag zoning - different types of and how determined; reiterated the importance of maintaining our rural character. Commissioner Thayer spoke to “gypsy businesses” - assessments of properties need to reflect what’s allowed per zoning.

—GIS contractor - almost finished selection process. Currently being done by employee in assessor’s office. Public comment - Linda Kraussert spoke to the accuracy of Sun Country tax increases regarding roads.

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—Transparency policy - Commissioner Richardson spoke to future plans regarding transparency issues. Citizen Susan Shick addressed timeliness of BOCC minutes which sometimes don’t show up on county website for as long as 5 months after the meetings (recording sometimes is several months after the actual meeting). Citizen Don Draper, 50 year EC resident, spoke to recent, sizeable property tax increases.

—2019 Budget Update - Albrecht, Budget Officer, stated that worksheets have been disseminated to all departments; will make monthly updates to BOCC.

—Bart Greer, County Attorney, recommended that commissioners approve County Attorney Policy. Citizen Susan Shick stated that this policy only showed up on county website less than 24 hours before BOCC meeting; asked if County Manager and County Attorney contracts jive with this new policy. Policy approved.

—January 17, 2018, BOCC minutes approved
—2019 BOCC budget goals approved
—Resolution for appointment for Veterans’ Services Officer approved - Ric Morgan reappointed
—Resolution for HHS Appointments approved - no details provided
—Resolution for CSU Extension Appointments approved - Larry Ross not interested in serving on committee; will be advertising openings

—Resolution for Elbert County Planning Commission - Albrecht stated that Justin Klassen has resigned because he’s taken a county job. Linda Kraussert appointed to fill his term. (No apparent public notice of the vacancy to solicit applicants). All other PC members reappointed; there is now equal representation from each district. One PC member serves on 2 appointed boards, in violation of the recently approved Appointments Policy, but the commissioners chose to allow this; Commissioner Thayer stated that unanimity of BOCC allows variance from the policy. Thayer also justified allowing a citizen to remain on 2 appointed boards with the comment, “The Planning Commission would like to keep this board together.”

—Resolution for the appointment for ECCA, RETAC, Prairie Development Board and Board of Eastern CO Coalition of Governments approved

*Note: Commissioner Richardson served as Sergeant-at-Arms during the meeting....with an official “SHHHHH” directed at audience members.

Agenda items for next meeting: minutes approval, CDS update, building department update, library annual report, fair board appointments, emergency operation plan, 2 pending land hearings (Final Plat Spring Valley Ranch - filing 4, Spring Valley Development Guide Agreement), update on new HHS building

-Jill Duvall