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Board of County Commissioners Meeting  
October 25, 2017

Call to order, roll call, invocation and pledge of allegiance.

Agenda approved with “Planning Presentation Pipeline” moved from consent agenda to discussion item.

Consent agenda: approved CDs mylars, vouchers, variance reports, Public Trustee’s Quarterly Report


Sam Albrecht, County Manager, reported that there are still 18 employee vacancies. County is hiring well-qualified employees for openings. Still in process of moving offices - assessor will move next year, planning department is moving to main floor of old courthouse; hired Ann Howard, CPA.

Kyle Fenner, CDS - next public meeting for citizen input for Master/Comprehensive plan is November 15 @6:30 at the fairgrounds.

Dallas Schroeder, County Clerk - new voting machines have been tested; no ballot drop boxes at Wal Mart - now at Elizabeth Town Hall, one at the old courthouse parking lot, one at the new county building; voting center at new building opens October 30.

Shayne Heap, Sheriff, reported that currently only 3 prisoners have been sent to Douglas County jails due to overcapacity in EC jail.


Consent agenda: approved CDs mylars, vouchers, variance reports, Public Trustee’s Quarterly Report


-Budget update from Rick Pettit, Treasurer. Nov. 8 is public meeting for budget presentation. Commissioner Richardson asked that ongoing water monitoring monies be provided in budget.

-Update on zoning regulations - Kyle Fenner reported on planning pipeline issue - recommended it remain on consent agenda due to potential quasi-judicial decisions to be made by commissioners. 28 applications currently in CDS. Referencing the planning pipeline presented to commissioners, they would like a column for scope for materiality, locations listed by road intersections rather than townships, and PC dates; this document will be posted on website with a monthly update. Met with Baseline Engineering on “patches” - to be presented in land use hearing after BOCC meeting. Economic Overlay Development Zone public hearing will be moved to December (no date given when Planning Commission will hear economic overlay zoning proposal). Currently 7% of county taxes come from commercial; needs to be increased. Commercial is taxed at 29% while residential is 7.96%. Overlay zone would provide more commercially zoned property to promote economic development. December 14 will be an open house at fairgrounds for citizen input on rewrite of zoning regulations (time to be announced later). November 15 is next Master Plan/Comprehensive Plan meeting at fairgrounds @6:30PM.

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-Hoo House update - under contract. Inspections ongoing.

-Proposed draft policies - revisiting and restarting work on them.

-Update on employee benefits - Diana Hiatt, Benefits Coordinator, reported adequate work space is appreciated by employees in new building. Plan to stay with CTSI for medical, dental, vision and life insurance for employees. 1% increase in premiums. County matches employee retirement accounts with 5%. Looking at equalizing salaries between departments and being competitive with surrounding counties.

-GIS Data update - Sam Albrecht reported that he will be meeting with department heads from surrounding counties to add improved signage/mapping/GIS data; fix base layers.

-Funding streams for Conservation District - county needs to do some surveying; small amount of dollars involved. These dams protect citizens; perhaps contact OEM for financial assistance. Jane Penley reported that living snow fence, among other programs, has been abandoned due to lack of funding. 63 dams under the Kiowa Conservation District with many needing extensive work.


Approved BOCC minutes from 10/11/17, 10/12/17 executive session, 10/12/17.
Transferred supervisory authority of CDS to County Manager.

BOARD PLANNING for 9/27/27 BOCC meeting:

Agenda for 11/8/17, land use items, public hearing on budget on November 8, review/update organizational structure, roll over today’s discussion items to action items

-Jill Duvall