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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting
October 11, 2017

Prayer and pledge led by Bill Harris.
Agenda approved with one addition to discussion items: Marijuana Block Grant

Consent agenda: approved CDS mylars and vouchers; approved the retention of outside legal counsel for the Independence Rule 106 legal challenge

Recently hired County Manager Sam Albrecht updated commissioners on meetings he’s been attending. In the process of hiring new employees; a finance manager has been hired.


-Rick Pettit, County Treasurer and Chief Budget Officer, reported that 2018 budget public hearing will be on November 8.

-Kyle Fenner, CDS Director, reported that a work session with Vince Harris of Design Workshop on October 18 at 9AM regarding zoning regulations is scheduled. On October 25, BOCC will be presented with several new ECZR items (5) for approval. Commissioner Thayer would like a planning “pipeline” report at the second BOCC meeting each month, similar to a variance report.

-Update on relocation of Clerk/Recorder/Treasurer’s offices - Dallas Schroeder reported that the Samuel Elbert Building opened on 10/10/17 for business. Grand opening on 10/12/17.

-Hoo House update - County Attorney Bart Greer reported that things are “looking good for a sale in the future.”

-Update on website migration and changes - Jen Grote was not in attendance, so County Manager Albrecht presented her report. In good shape for website transition. Expecting to be ready to launch new website to commissioners and staff in 2-4 weeks.

-Signature authority returned to County Manager (commissioners have filled that role while the county was without a County Manager)

-Sheriff Shayne Heap is applying for a grant of $433,000 (to be split with the 18th Judicial) to assist with marijuana seizure expenses. Ongoing state grant; EC has received no funds to date with reason being that we don’t allow dispensaries (therefore don’t contribute taxes). Moved to action item.


-BOCC minutes approved for 8/23/17, 9/20/17 and 9/27/17

-Agenda for next meeting to include update on budget deadlines and zoning regulations
-Pending hearings for 10/25/17 include ECZR part II, Sections 17, 25, 27; oil and gas permits; fee schedules for CDS; public notice requirements for land use applications
-Kiowa Conservation District - flood control dams

Meeting adjourned.

-Jill Duvall