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Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting
September 27, 2017

Call to order, roll call, and pledge of allegiance opened the meeting. Approval of agenda with removal of Land Use Hearings at 1:00PM.

Commissioner Thayer stated that agenda plans are not working as these commissioners had planned; going forward, FINAL agenda will be presented to public on Thursday prior to BOCC meeting.

Dallas Schroeder announced that the county clerk’s office will now be posting on Twitter. His office will be moving to the new building. His staff is very excited….and even came in on a Friday to do some cleaning in preparation for the move!! Currently meeting all deadlines for elections. Reported on Prayer Around the Flag Pole - folks at the charter school prayed for the county commissioners.

Commissioner Thayer spoke about the new Public Works Director - already seeing a “culture change in the outcomes of what we, as citizens, expect from Road and Bridge.” Positive feedback from county employees. Implementing the concepts of strategic planning and planning for the future. Process in place now where the county will “get it done” referring to road improvements.

Roger Miller spoke as part of the Elbert School Board; Road and Bridge is already working on some of the problems the school board previously brought before the BOCC. Expressed his appreciation.
Marlene Groves asked about the new Twitter account. Does every department have a Twitter account? How many “layers” are there for communication to the public? Commissioner Richardson said there is draft policy “in the works.” The clerk’s office is the second Twitter account the county uses.

Update on budget - will be presented to BOCC on 10/11/17. Public hearing on 11/8/17 at BOCC meeting.

Update on new Zoning Regulations - Kyle Fenner, CDS Director, stated that the new Public Works Director and new County Attorney have been “a pleasure to work with….and made our jobs much easier.” CDS is working on patches: oil and gas, referral period, and public notification period. Not fundamentally changing but will “mend” several areas with single notification process; will be more predictable. Commissioners will receive spreadsheet of items to be considered more timely and more in advance of BOCC meetings (a week prior to last meeting of each month).

Update on CBOE hearing process to determine total number of EC cases (citizens protesting their property taxes/revalues) that have progressed to state level - Mike Akana reported that 9 property protests/appeals will go to the state; first scheduled hearings are November 21 in Denver. Per Mike Akana, County Assessor Billie Mills is doing the best she can regarding her health issues; the office is keeping her in the loop.


Approval of 8/23/17, 8/30/17 and 9/13/17 BOCC minutes.

Approval of additional funded positions for 2017/2018 hiring actions - due to a “significant carryover” with the budget, proposed to hire new positions this fall rather than wait until 2018. Positions recommended by staff: 5 new positions within Road and Bridge, 3 additional deputies, 2 additional DMV clerks, additional help in assessor’s office, IT and maintenance, and a code enforcement officer approved for an increase in salaries of $635,381. Will bring the county up to 169 employees; had 172 in 2010. Continue to look at expanding/flexible hours but can’t do that until we have adequate coverage.

Public comment: Marlene Groves asked about the 5 day week. “Looking at it….not a promise” per Commissioner Richardson.

Minutes approval, budget update, Hoo house update (real estate listing period expires 9/28/17) and zoning regulations update. Minutes for the Independence hearing are “in progress” per Dallas Schroeder.

Deleted from agenda.

Meeting adjourned.

-Jill Duvall