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Summary BOCC Meeting- June 14, 2017

Invocation, pledge of allegiance, approval of agenda.


Approved CDS mylars, vouchers, Wal-Mart beer license renewal, Building and Road Agreement with Addudell & Grad, DHHS contract approval with CDPHE, DHHS task order amendment with DPHE. No information provided on these items.


1) Jerri Spear, Health and Human Services, has been renting county-owned house. HHS will add on to their building at fairgrounds because county plans to sell the house they’ve been renting.

2) Troy McCoy, Undersheriff, reported on overcrowded county jail and funding issues. Most inmates are out-of-county and out-of-state. Trying to ascertain if neighboring counties can assist with housing inmates.


Rick Brown spoke about commissioners’ changing stories about county manager status. Mr. Brown urged that commissioners follow a rational, industry-wide accepted process/protocol in selecting new county manager and suggested using a handbook published by the state for assisting in the selection process; he presented a copy of the handbook to Commissioner Thayer who stated that the commissioners take this position “very seriously.”

Linda Krausert proposed that the commissioners lift term limits for county treasurer and county sheriff (change from 2 terms to 3 terms) and put such a measure on the ballot in November for citizens to vote on.


Paul Simon, Excel Energy, spoke about future tax projections for Rush Creek Wind Energy Project. (Delay due to not being able to hook up projector). For property tax income, windmills are valued/assessed by the state; explained how that value is determined, per statute/current legislation (valuation process always subject to change). Estimate of annual property tax revenue - $1,764,455 to county to be distributed to various entities (some school districts, some fire districts, library district). First income from this project payable in 2020. County may receive 5-6 million dollars in permitting fees. This project will have excess capacity which might encourage other industries to locate near the facility.

Plan for the building fees from the Rush Creek Energy Project - Rick Pettit, Treasurer, stated that the county has received over $4 million in building fees so far. Recommends that some be placed in stabilization fund (approximately $3 million+), some in a contingency fund ($500,000), and some into the wind inspection line item ($400,000+). Per Pettit, the county needs $3 million to maintain 2010 levels. Plan is to have a resolution prepared to finalize this. Citizens asked about 1) paying down debt with some of these funds and 2) about amount of interest/yield being earned as investment and if we should investigate this. Pettit is looking at options.

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Elizabeth Parks & Recreation - Mike Barney, Director, shared news about the district; mentioned that they may be asking for a ballot initiative in November (1.676 mill levy).

County Road discussion - Sean O’Hearn, county engineer, presented a Pavement Condition Assessment. The county appears to have spent a lot of time/resources “assessing” pavement conditions using a subjective Pavement Condition Index (PCI), where 0 is worst and 100 is best. Will continue to attempt to solicit funding for roads. Claims of “much heavier usage” of roads since 2010.

Items 5,6, and 7 postponed until next meeting (Public Improvement Districts, temporary permit process, building permit fees for solar installations and communication towers & pipelines)

Proposed adjustment of Precincts 2 & 5 - Dallas Schroeder, County Clerk, asked that boundaries be changed due to statutory requirements that precincts not exceed 2000 voters. Approved to make changes (even though it was listed as a Discussion item).

Appointments policy - still under consideration. Will carve out sections for specifics for the Library District and the Planning Commission appointees.

County-owned house at 307Pawnee, Kiowa, currently being used by HHS - estimated value $260,000. Moved to list property for sale (even though it was listed as a Discussion item),

-approved 5/24/17 and 5/31/17 BOCC minutes.

-study session on extension of term limits/what might be on ballot in November
-resolution for discussion of stabilization fund
-discuss items 5, 6 &7 postponed from today
-transparency policy
-discussion on 2018 budget development plan
-update on current open positions

-to be held at 1PM

Meeting adjourned.

-Jill Duvall