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Summary BOCC Meeting- May 31, 2017

Call to order, roll call, invocation/pledge,
Commissioner Chris Richardson absent - on vacation.

Commissioner Thayer moved that the commissioners consider material issues related to the purchase of the Bank of the West building:

1) Willcox stated that, per the sales contract, the commissioners were limited in what they could release to the public about the purchase/sales agreement.

2) Thayer said the contract gave the county adequate time for due diligence.

3) Air quality testing/radon: because of lack of ventilation, several tests had to be performed. Most recent tests came back within acceptable limits. Included mold testing.

4) Survey: will be purchasing over 2 acres with 1 acre undeveloped. Marketable asset for the future.

5) Appraisal: $515,000 as is. Roof will probably need to be replaced in 2 years. Plumbing not ADA accessible. County sent a counter proposal which was rejected.

6) Commercial inspection: $12,000 in safety items needed.

7) Utilities cost analysis: had no numbers/figures to present; Thayer just said, "Costs to be expected for a building that size."

8) Move expense: IT, ADA, sidewalks, bathrooms, HVAC, security, parking lot driveway - 2017 costs $102,000. Structural items will need to be appropriated/budgeted.

9) Due diligence has all been satisfactorily completed.

Commissioners believe, after all of these considerations, that this would be a good purchase in decent condition. (Read an email from Commissioner Richardson in support of purchase). Commissioner Willcox is adamant that this $500,000 will add to assets and not incur anymore debt. The actual purchase price the county agreed to pay was never stated during the meeting.

The county attorney stated that the documents related to the purchase can't be put up on the website until after closing.


-Don Draper spoke to the building inspector issue - has our county building inspector looked at it? Commissioners felt that this person might be biased; Kyrei Zion said that the building inspector HAS looked at it.

Commissioner Thayer withdrew his motion for material discussion; then moved that the county purchase the building with Danny Willcox signing documents.

Meeting adjourned.

-Jill Duvall