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Summary BOCC Meeting- April 26, 2017

Call to order, roll call, invocation and pledge of allegiance.
Agenda approved with deletion of fair board update, roof repair update, and appointments policy.
Land use hearings, in the future, will be held on BOCC meeting days at 1:00PM.

CONSENT AGENDA: Approved mylars, vouchers, public trustee's report, March variance reports and approval of liquor license renewal for Hi-Test.

STAFF REPORTS:-Billie Mills reported that a press release conference was held in Denver on 4/25/17. Property values continue to increase across the Front Range, including Elbert County. Notices to be mailed to property owners by May 1, 2017. Protests need to be postmarked by June 1, 2017. Elbert County had a median appreciation of 30%. 13,000 parcels in EC revalued.
Mike Akana stated that website is updated with new values.
Jeri Scheidt reported that some rabid animals have been reported in the county as a reminder to get pets vaccinated.

-Marlene Groves mentioned that draft documents are not getting up on the website.
-Tom Peterson congratulated commissioners on their efforts as they reach 100 days in office. He also spoke about the national and local Resistance movement, citing it as "obstructionist." (Editorial comment: Public Comment per adopted county policy states, "Public comment should not be used to promote political causes." Interesting that the chair of the Republican Party in the county can make political comments; notably, not a single commissioner stopped this speech; in fact, they all smiled as the crowd applauded).

Zoning regulations - Kyle Fenner spoke about how antiquated they are. Requested that a rewrite of the EC Zoning Regulations be undertaken. Thayer suggested a meeting between commissioners and CDS, indicating a sense of urgency.
Strategic Plan/organizational adjustments - been discussed among an "executive" group, including department heads and elected officials; will put it up on the website.
County Manager contract review - Grant stated that he had initially received conflicting info about the County Manager, but now that he's more knowledgeable, he proposed as a vote of confidence that Ed Ehmann's contract be extended to Dec. 2018. Richardson and Willcox continued to extol Ed's virtues. Passed unanimously.
Policy on Policy Management - commissioners can only make decisions in public meetings; will put proposed policy online; Willcox said we went through an "accreditation" on how to develop policy (no explanation given).

ORR Policy - waiting for the legislation to come through. Tom Peterson asked if it was public information who puts in for ORRs, and he would like that information published. Gateley said that someone could put in an ORR for this information. Grant thinks that the county should publish a list of who submits ORRs. Marlene Groves stated that perhaps people submit ORRs because information that is not on the website SHOULD be on the website, and citizens are attempting to access information that they are rightly entitled to. Tom Peterson stated that a "handful of people turn in requests, and it's burdensome on the county."

Consideration of Public Improvement Districts/Local Improvement Districts - policies for both of these districts will be posted on website; county wants neighborhoods to work together and improve their neighborhoods/roads/water/recreation, etc. through a bond which is paid for through citizens' taxes (mill levy increase); policies define the role of the subdivision and the role of the county.



BOARD PLANNING for 4/16/17 BOCC meeting

Meeting adjourned.

-Jill Duvall