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Summary BOCC Meeting- April 12, 2017

CONSENT AGENDA: Invocation and pledge of allegiance. Approval of agenda and consent agenda: CDS mylars and vouchers.

-Lack of civility exists; desire for reasonable solution to problems.
-Communication with commissioners addressed.
-New organization chart: unclear why county needs to add new layers of bureaucracy (2 assistant county managers); why do we need a Public Information Officer (more efficient/less costly for commissioners to hold regular town hall meetings); where is money coming from to pay for these new positions? Comparison to other similarly sized counties that don't have county managers or assistant county managers. What analysis went into this chart? Public at large needs answers. Commissioner Thayer finds these job titles "amusing.....titles not important."
-Master Plan: first public meeting 4/26/17 at fairgrounds from 6:00-8:30PM. Design Workshop will guide the plan. Comprehensive Plan = Master Plan. Website:

-Presentation by State Engineers Office, Division of Natural Resources by Kevin Rein and Karolyn Armstrong: Denver Basin Groundwater. This entire presentation is available to citizens via email. Summarized the major responsibilities of DWR, Colorado's hydrology, states that rely on CO water, priority system, history of ground water administration, designated ground water, detailed explanation of Denver Basin (non-renewable, recharge being studied), well permitting, water rights, water court and adjudication.
-Billie Mills, County Assessor introduced Mike Akana, presenter. Four functions of assessor's office: discover, classify, list, and value. 2017 reassessment per CO law (every odd-numbered year). Major influences on 2017 reassessment: Front Range real estate market, improvements to assessor's office, location. EC highest in state for market increases (1.3% appreciation/month). Properties were only being inspected on average every 12 years; now using more updated analysis techniques. Notices to be mailed on May 1. Overall increase is 23%-32% (range from 15% to 56% increase). Question about how GIS assessment accounts for negative property surroundings. Town hall meeting 4/19/17 at 6:30PM at fairgrounds for citizens to ask questions.


BOARD PLANNING for 4/16/17 BOCC meeting

LAND USE - public hearings

Public comment:
CON-sound/noise carries, property values negatively affected, too dangerous in 2006 - few changes since then, right to safety, property rights of current residents unprotected, one neighbor in favor actually has his/her home for sale, what mitigation has been done to current location, owners of rental home in area have been informed by their renters that they will not renew lease, not in harmony/compatibility with medium density residential area, 87 neighbors signed petition against, lack of county's ability for enforcement/oversight, no outreach to neighbors, presented inconsistencies at various venues, numerous violations of laws/regulations resulting in fines and revocations, liability issues, applicant's vision has changed throughout this process, online fundraising - does applicant have adequate resources

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PRO-animals in sanctuary should not be feared, no escapes, applicant has sacrificed to care for these animals, no evidence wildlife would be affected, noise minimal, property rights of applicant are equal to others' property rights, veterinarian spoke of safety, guaranteed rights against the collective

Applicant response: citizens presented inaccuracies

Questions/comments by BOCC - responses by applicant:

Commissioner Richardson expressed concerns over rudimentary emergency plan. Commissioner Thayer's main issue was precedent (not much change since 2006 denial) as well as inconsistencies within application. Commissioner Willcox based his decision on the safety and security of surrounding residences as well as the lack of outreach by applicant to citizens.

Commissioners voted unanimously to deny the SUR. Lion's Gate will not be allowed to relocate.

Meeting adjourned.

-Jill Duvall