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Summary BOCC Meeting- March 22, 2017

CONSENT AGENDA: approval of vouchers, renewal of liquor license for Spring Valley Country Club.

Staff reports:
-CDS asked to bring 2 issues per BOCC meeting for review related to zoning regulations for XX properties and Oil and Gas MOU's2.
-Work force will co-locate with the EC DHHS per Jerri Spear

-John Dorman - EC zoning regulations being violated: at least 9 violations in county (at $100/day fine that should be assessed per county regs) being ignored. Presented some proposed code enforcement guidelines for the commissioners to review.
-Rick Brown - new County Manager policy was not made available to public for review before it was approved on 3/8/17 (brief statement on the county website about proposed policy was misleading because it was incomplete); new policy does not state how contracts are to be approved; new policy requires no involvement by BOCC for employment decisions; requested another public hearing so citizens can comment on policy since it was unavailable before approval by commissioners
-Marlene Groves - spoke about the Elbert County Citizens Facebook page; is posting on this page to be informative and reach more of the public about county activities


Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month: national program April 2017; presented "bouquets" of pinwheels to county. Proclamation made by commissioners (under Action Items)

Elizabeth in the Pines HOA: spoke about the expiration of a previous lease on open space; would like an MOU/defined relationship with county to replace lease; perhaps create a county-wide policy dealing with open space; Attorney Gateley has drafted a proposed MOU

Presentation by Pines and Plains Library Board: part of ongoing outreach by commissioners to learn more about various boards in the county. Board President Susan St. Vincent responded to questions sent to the library board by Commissioner Willcox. Presented history of libraries in EC; MOU with county formulated when library became a special district transferring power to library trustees; required to fund annual audit and submit budget to state; 5 trustees serve 3 year terms and meet monthly; working on leasing back end of building in Elizabeth library; county collects taxes and passes on to Library per state statutes (mill levy established by election and can only be changed through a vote of the people)

Appointments policy: will continue to ask boards to present their scope of service, then formulate a county policy

Strategic plan/county-wide organizational adjustments: hope to have new plan implemented by May 1; plan to have open study session to discuss/listen to input/long range planning

Open Records Request policy: state legislature proposing changes for electronic issues; county is currently out of compliance regarding "readily available" documents

Bank of the West building: still in discussions; request by citizen for Competitive Market Analysis before making an offer on the building

Small Business Development/Trade Zones presentation by Craig Curl: in business consulting/education; vision is to be choice of CO businesses for resources; free consulting/low-cost workshops and seminars/financing assistance; Craig Curl covers 3 counties, Elbert included; organization has a grant review program; commissioners desire to be more involved with information being disseminated to public

Update on Water Advisory Committee (WAC) by Bob Ware: providing education to public regarding water issues in the county and state; experiencing increased interest from citizens; summarized programs the WAC has sponsored in EC; Ed Ehmann working with Forsgren on contract; commissioners asked for Water Basin Roundtables recommendations; asked for citizens to join WAC; commissioners would like more definite guidelines codified for WAC

-3/8/17 BOCC meeting minutes approved
-IGA with Eastern Transportation Planning Region - reviews state level transportation in our region and makes CDOT recommendations for use of funds
-IGA for Emergency Services Impact Fees imposed by Rattlesnake Fire District - methodology for collecting impact fees
-Resolution for approval of Mica Reilly claim - lawsuit settled for $12,000 (paid by CTSI); no details revealed

-ECCA Communications Tower Special Use Review request - for antenna and support structure; 190' tower; approved by commissioners (Willcox recused as he is on the ECCA committee)
-Comnet Wireless Communications Tower Special Use Review Request - tower, antennas, microwave dish and equipment cabinets; off CR 94&37; approved
-Temporary asphalt plant for contracted CO projects Special Use Review - continued to April 12, 2017 at fairgrounds
-Economic Development update - presented by Kyle Fenner; where the county is regarding economic activity and how to recruit more of this activity; presentation targeted NW EC; currently 5 zone districts for commercial activity; site plan process, commercial zone districts, undeveloped parcels, infrastructure, economic focus area, existing water and sewer service, and overlay districts defined; proposed EDZ Overlay would have 3 separate zones; EDZ would not affect underlying zoning rights; overlay saves applicant time and money; commissioners want this presented to the PC asap

Commissioners have been receiving negative comments from citizens regarding time and cost; they would like Kyle Fenner to itemize steps and costs of proposed development so they can respond to citizens' concerns.

-to be discussed at next BOCC April 12 at fairgrounds: fair board update; policies; roof repair; Lion's Gate sanctuary public hearing

-Jill Duvall