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Summary BOCC Meeting- Feb 22, 2017

CONSENT AGENDA: subdivision improvement for Quail Hills, and acceptance of variance reports (posted on website)

1. Rush Creek Wind project - per Ed Ehmann, staff is working with vendors (roads, etc.) and with the state to set up meeting re: revenue piece of project
2. Video of BOCC meetings - Dallas Schroeder reported that equipment has been ordered and plans to have video and audio online for the March 8 meeting.
3. Water Study consulting contract - Ed Ehmann stated that he has met with Forsgren to work thru first community meeting. Will Koger of Forsgren reported that the community meeting will be on Monday, Feb. 27 at 7PM at the fairgrounds - will be looking for feedback from public.
4. Pavement condition analysis - reporting process that provides data for asphalt replacement; county is in midst of gathering that data, according to Ed Ehmann.

-A Deer Trail citizen spoke about a driveway permit in Chapparral he believes was issued in error; perhaps a home is being built on this same property without a building permit.
-Kyle Fenner started to speak about an update on the Planning Commission. Commissioner Thayer asked that this be put on the agenda ahead of time.

1. Intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with Elizabeth Fire - Wade Gateley reported that the county has received this. It allows impact fees to be collected by the county for new residential and commercial development. County treasurer will transfer those fees on a monthly basis to the fire department (county can keep 3% of what is collected for administration). TJ Steck, Elizabeth fire chief, clarified that this is only for new development and that this fee will be phased in gradually to avoid discouraging new development. Kyle Fenner spoke about the extra work load this provides for her department (it is the first time her department has heard about this IGA). This IGA was approved by the commissioners under Discussion Items.

2. Update on Bank of the West property purchase - Ed Ehmann asked that this item be put on hold because the county has some items related to this item that are still under discussion.

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3. Appointment Policy - Library Board has been asked to do a presentation/update before any appointments are made. Danny Willcox has interviewed Kip Parker for the Planning Commission. Grant Thayer said that Kip Parker lives in far SE corner of the "L" so would provide some geographical diversity.

4. Update on Purchase Contract with Martin Marietta for recycled asphalt - Ed Ehmann reported that this year's plan is to update some roads with recycled asphalt rather than paving. $8 million project was part of a bid process. Approved under Discussion Items.

5. County Manager policy - responsibilities being redefined; close to finalizing. Continued to next meeting.

1. February 8, 2017 BOCC minutes approved.
2. EC Finance Department Policies and Procedures - Ed Ehmann said that policy in its final form will be forwarded to commissioners later today. Moved to accept this document.

Discussion items- presentation by Craig Curl; library board presentation; strategic planning; Planning Commission; Bank of the West purchase
Action items - County manager policy; IGA for MOU; bids

Adjournment to reconvene as Board of Equalization at 11:00AM.

-Jill Duvall