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Summary BOCC Meeting- Jan 17, 2017

Approved liquor license renewal for South Forty Saloon in Elbert.

Ed Ehmann recognized Lt. Chad Church for receiving a grant to cover overtime trial costs for an upcoming homicide trial.

this is to be used for non-agenda items; sign-ins requested - to be required in future meetings.
Victoria Thalimer - thanked new commissioners for being willing to serve; asked for some BOCC meetings to be held in evenings to allow more participation by citizens.


1) Policy regarding BOCC meetings - public comment to be allowed after each issue; more time will elapse between introduction/discussion and action on items; more professionalism and predictability; treat public with more respect. These items to be voted on at next meeting.

2) Public trustee report - due to absence of treasurer, moved to 1/25/17.

3) Tentative agenda 1/25/17 - to include (but not limited to) vehicle leases, highway use tax fund, public hearing on Rush Creek ll Wind Farm. Kyle Fenner, CDS, recommended that the public hearing on the wind farm be held at the fairgrounds. Ed Ehmann stated that the county plans to video future meetings by 3/8/17 but could make no commitment about how long it would take to post videos or how long they would remain available online.


1) Danny Willcox voted in as chair of the BOCC with Chris Richardson to serve as vice-chair.

2) December 21, 2016 BOCC minutes approved.

3) Resolution 17- #TBD - adopted to affirm appointments to county boards, office hours, calendar of holidays, agenda posting, etc. Proposed new Planning Commissioner members are Jim Keen and Justin Clausen.

4) Forsgren and Associates contract (water study) - moved to direct County Manager to work with Forsgren to establish single point of contact with county which will make transfer of information from county to contractor easier. WAC should continue to be intricately involved as process moves forward.

5) Will Koger of Forsgren and Associates reported that so far they are using various sources to determine water supplies in the county. Plan to identify 3 options for 2050 future water needs for the county. Would like to have a public study session/open house in February to get direction from BOCC. Bob Ware asked Forsgren about progress on stakeholder response: county has contacted 54 special districts.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: for the purpose of receiving legal advice with outside counsel.
After returning from executive session, Commissioner Willcox stated that issues discussed were: employment law issues, claims and potential litigation. Board took no formal action.

Chris Richardson moved that day-to-day oversight of CDS be moved to a single commissioner. Motion passed but no commissioner selected to perform this oversight at this time.

LAND USE: Tim Craft presented the Independence concept plan for the benefit of the new commissioners. Questions were asked by the commissioners.

-Jill Duvall