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Danny Willcox, Just Another Biffsquiggled GOP Appointment?

If you are under the mistaken impression that our new commissioner, Danny Willcox, is going to lead the county in a new and positive direction, you would have been sorely disappointed in his inaugural appearance at his first county commissioners' meeting.

Granted, it was his first meeting; and until he was appointed as commissioner, he had never been observed attending a BOCC meeting. So his clear lack of background and history of EC happenings will once again require on-the-job training for who-knows-how-long?? Typical Republican appointee - chosen by the Central Committee with no credentials, uninformed, and uninvolved.....but these are the kinds of candidates that are easily manipulated by the good ol' boy network.

At his first BOCC meeting, Willcox appeared to be somewhat of a "yes" man for Robert Rowland on most issues, a scary thought. The performance by our commissioners, which was truly a Keystone Cops or Three Stooges display of incompetence, centered around whether or not to allow our county attorney, Wade Gateley, access to confidential personnel information (which has the potential to be a very serious liability issue for Elbert County taxpayers since Gateley had previously breached a confidence by blurting out this employee's name at a public meeting).

To sum up the 45 minute fiasco, Commissioner Rowland had made a motion to include Gateley in the employee investigation; motion seconded by new Commissioner Willcox. Kudos to Commissioner Larry Ross for his unwavering perseverance in explaining to Willcox, over and over and over again, that allowing Gateley to have this information could have serious consequences. It was clear that Willcox did not have the background on the issue to make any sort of determination of correct protocol - let alone seconding a motion to proceed! Eventually, it was decided to "table" this discussion of Gateley's involvement until Willcox became more educated on the matter.

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While Willcox can't be expected to be up-to-speed on all EC issues, if he has been paying attention at all or observing Gateley's performance or educating himself on the outrageous legal fees our county pays (an issue that's been at the forefront for years), he shouldn't be seconding a Robert Rowland motion to bring Gateley into a confidential employee issue that has been handled up to this point by outside counsel. A clear conflict of interest by Gateley, which had been well documented on many fronts, required outside counsel - again, this was a subject of many, many meetings which Willcox didn't attend. And if one hasn't been involved, how can one be expected to know the back story?

Willcox appeared confused during much of his first BOCC meeting, he has already mastered the mumbling method of communication, and his continued support of Rowland and Schlegel should be a concern to all of the citizens.

"They never open their mouths without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge." - Thomas Brackett Reed