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Planning Commission Meeting- Oct 18, 2016

Staff report: - CDS director Kyle Fenner reported on business at most recent BOCC meeting.

Public comment:
Victoria Thalimer - Independence development - concern about number of road trips in and out. (Dan Rosales, chair of the PC, then said that the PC won't listen to comments about Independence from public until the PC has received a formal application.)

Rick Brown - referenced Chris Richardson's meeting in Parker with developer Jim Marshall; also pointed out in the bylaws of the PC which include a section dealing with requirements for professional performance (part 2, section 7). Private meeting with a developer by anyone on the Planning Commission raises ethical concerns. (Dan Rosales stated that there was nothing improper done at this meeting between Jim Marshall and Chris Richardson that occurred in Parker.) Editor's Note: The developer and commissioner candidate were probably just swapping chili recipes - right?

Bill Johnston - concerned about rural ambiance of our neighborhoods and wants that preserved. Before things get front-loaded on proposed developments, he wants the PC aware of the citizens' concerns.

Patty Sward - commented about USGS water study recently released, keeping in mind that we had a wet year last year, and we have had very little recent growth; we need to look at the big picture as far as all impacts.

Tim Goodwin - talked about lack of current information on county website and the need for citizens to be heard.

Jackie Tugwell - has been told that Independence is already done; the citizens have questions that need answered, and no one at the county will help out. Citizens want to be on equal footing with developer; they want a "fair shake" because they aren't convinced that all requirements were met for the rezone. Citizens want to be proactive but need cooperation from county.
(Dan Rosales responded: citizens have valid points. 1)We require a 300 year water supply for subdivisions. 2)new Master Plan will cover a huge list of subjects and meetings will allow for citizen input. 3)Website needs improved; Master Plan will have its own website. 4)Meeting on November 1 to discuss contractor selected for Master Plan.)

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Public hearing:
Coyote Meadows Rezone - (Paula Wilderman disclosed that the attorney who wrote a letter about this rezone was an attorney she had previously done business with; board felt it was not necessary for her to recuse herself.) Baseline planner presented details of rezone.
1) Rezone 60.36 acres from ag (A) to ag residential (AR).
2) Minor residential development would create 6 (5 new) lots on this property with individual wells and septic.
3) Maintains rural character of county.
Applicant: do not have a road agreement completed (lot owners would share in cost of road maintenance because it's a private road - Ranch Road). If it was a county road, the developer would have to give up 1 lot due to necessity of 10-acre minimum size for AR zoning.
Citizens own the road so have not agreed to what developer wants. Safety concerns for kids on school busses expressed; errors in documents and discrepancies in numbers revealed; purchase of mineral rights agreement from Anadarko (coal).
Public comment: raised many issues - safety concerns at the intersection, road ownership, traffic, water, and potential to open up big residential area for development.
The PC decided to delay a decision on this rezone for further study; it will be continued until November 15, 2016.

Lion's Gate: tour proposed because there will be a special use review (SUR) coming before the PC eventually. Board would prefer to have application in hand before a tour.

Jill Duvall