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Summary BOCC Meeting- Dec 21, 2016
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Consent agenda: approval of BOCC minutes from 9/14/16, 10/26/16, and 12/7/16 and vouchers.

Awards and recognition: Ed Ehmann, County Manager, awarded plaques to the county commissioners thanking them for their service.

No reports by elected officials, department heads or staff.

Art Evans with Kiowa Conservation District thanked the commissioners for their interest and willingness to work with the district.

Bob Ware, WAC member, spoke about some information received from Forsgren Associates regarding scope of services which speaks to the whole of EC (not part). A map was provided which showed that most of the central and eastern parts of the county are eliminated from the water study. WAC would like to schedule a study session with the new commissioners to discuss the water study plan for the "other 4/5 of the county."

A) 2017 budget adoption and appropriation approved (no copies provided to public).

B) 2017 mill levy certification approved.

C) Supplemental appropriation for fund 40 for 2016 budget approved and adopted (for sheriff's office - to purchase vehicles and retire debt - out of an ending fund balance from last year).

D) Agreement with CCOERA to increase matching contributions by EC and EC employees to 5% (from 4%) approved.

E) Approval of mill levy certification for Meadowood Station PUD and Foxwood Estates PUD.

F) Coyote Meadow Rezoning Application and Minor Residential Development Application - presented by Baseline planner (on behalf of EC CDS). Public hearing opened. Purpose is to switch ag zoning (35 acre lots minimum) to ag residential (10 acre lots). Property is off Singing Hills Road, accessed via Ranch Road. Ranch Road (privately owned) currently services the 6 existing homes. The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of rezone, subject to a list of conditions. Applicant testimony - willing to accept all conditions of approval. Have prepared a road maintenance agreement but have not been able to reach consensus with current homeowners. Opposition testimony - stated that segments of Ranch Road are actually owned by citizens who live there. Traffic engineering assessment lists incorrect road type. Lack of road maintenance agreement is problematic. Property owner Brian Abel (owner of 60 acres) spoke about his intentions to conform to county guidelines; all parties knew that there was an easement for the road when they purchased their various properties. Is willing to work out amicable road agreement. Commissioners voted unanimously to approve resolution.

G) Request for extension from DOLA regarding Master Plan Grant Agreement - Kyle Fenner is asking for 6 month extension until 7/31/18 (current agreement ends 12/31/17) passed.

H) Director of Public Works - Rowland brought this issue forward to direct county manager to proceed with filling such a position; Willcox seconded. Ross didn't feel that this board should be making decisions for future boards; insurance company advised against just such a decision. Motion passed 2 to 1: Rowland and Willcox in favor, Ross opposed.

I) Minutes from 4/27/16, 6/15/16, 7/6/16 and 12/9/15 BOCC meetings approved.
Meeting adjourned.

-Jill Duvall