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Summary BOCC Meeting- Oct 12, 2016

Agenda and consent agenda approved as presented.
Department head reports:
- County clerk Dallas Schroeder stated that he had spoken with other department heads about a recent citizen's proposal for a budget oversight committee. He then proceeded to negatively attack the positive proposal this citizen had presented at a previous BOCC meeting, stating that many of the items in the proposal were false and opinionated.
- County Manager Ed Ehmann reported on the recent fires; all are under control.

Public comment:
1) - Rick Brown asked why the county clerk was making a rebuttal to a citizen's presentation when the citizen was not present to respond to the comments; he also suggested that the commissioners adopt a policy/protocol for citizen presentations that are allowed to exceed 3 minutes.
2) - Paula Wilderman raised the issue of why BOCC minutes are so late getting up on the website. Still no minutes from the 11/18/15 meeting and only 10 sets of minutes for the last 24 meetings have been posted. She offered to pay to have the November minutes professionally transcribed; no response from commissioners and no minutes to date. She stated that it was disrespectful to the citizens for the county clerk to be so derelict in performing duties that our taxes are paying for.
3) - Jill Duvall spoke about the clerk having time (in the last 2 weeks) to do the research and prepare a presentation critical of a citizen's proposal but can't seem to find the time to get the minutes of BOCC meetings completed. It is his statutory duty to post these minutes on a timely basis, yet some are almost a year past.

US Geological Service report:
USGS employee who has been doing the monitoring for 30 wells in the county gave a report on his work to date - full report is to be posted on county website. Because of wet year last year, June water levels were higher than in previous years, so predictions are difficult to make until another year of monitoring. The state does well monitoring in all counties; the Department of Water Resources has the most recent information.

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New business:
1) - Lease renewal in Pines Park (30 acres across from CJ Park, owned by county) requested by residents of this neighborhood; county attorney has forwarded lease to commissioners for review

2) - Resolution passed certifying costs of prosecuting crimes alleged to have been committed by persons in custody of CO Dept of Corrections (approximately $175.00)

Executive session: Commissioners went into executive session to discuss privileged communication for personnel related matters, Fogel letters, MSEC investigation and Larson report to receive legal advice with outside counsel Steve Larson. (Commissioner Rowland stated that he would recuse himself from voting during executive session because he believed it would be an illegal meeting.)

New business (continued):
3) - Public hearing on Quail Hills rezone and minor residential development. Rezone from A to AR. Total of 81 acres to be divided into 7 lots. Between CR5 and CR 154. Will have individua
4) - Receipt of 2017 proposed/draft budget. Ed Ehmann said the budget is not yet on the website, but it will be. Nov. 16 public hearing on budget. Commissioner Willcox asked for variance reports to be put up on website.
5) - Commissioners unanimously agreed to employ outside counsel Nathan, Dumm and Mayer regarding an employment matter. Commissioner Willcox enumerated several reasons for the decision to switch to another attorney (after using Attorney Steve Larson up to this point on this issue).

A study session with the WAC was held; commissioners also went into executive session for attorney-client privileged communication with outside counsel related to an employee issue.

Jill Duvall