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BOCC Meeting  - 9/14/15

CONSENT AGENDA: Approved minutes, vouchers/warrants (including CDS), GIS Digital Data license agreement with Utility Notification Center of Colorado, and special event permit for Hope Farms, LLC.

STAFF REPORTS: Commissioner Ross reported on a CO Real Estate Summit he attended dealing with industrial development in CO; of particular interest to him was consideration of online presence as it might relate to business development along the I-70 corridor.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Bill Harris spoke about the Town Council of Simla preparing to vote on allowing marijuana businesses within their town and the importance of the county commissioners' assistance in protesting this issue. Marlene Groves spoke about the county attorney having revealed confidential information about an employee investigation and the need to continue to utilize outside counsel to complete that investigation (see item #4 below).

OLD BUSINESS: The county attorney will have a memorandum to the commissioners by 9/28/16 about the status of the Hudick land use issue.

1. Danny Willcox was appointed vice-chair of the BOCC, replacing Kelly Dore in that capacity.

2. Directed the county manager to re-engage with elected officials and department heads to present a budget based on "incremental budgeting" and state statutes with 2017 reserves to be equal to or greater than 2016 reserves. Ed Ehmann stated that staff will be presenting the draft budget on 9/27@2PM.

3. CDS director is to meet with county manager to work out that departmental budget, without BOCC oversight.

4. After all kinds of confusing motions, amendments, calls for questions, etc., it was approved for outside counsel to be available, if necessary, via telephone on 9/28 and 10/12 for executive sessions to discuss a personnel matter. The county has spent over $21,000 so far on outside counsel for this matter; they have received 3 opinions on this matter - from the DA, from Mt. States Employers' Council, and from outside counsel Steve Larson. It was also approved for board members to consult with Mr. Larson if they need additional information.

Meeting adjourned.
-Jill Duvall