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Summary BOCC Meeting- Aug. 10, 2016

Consent agenda approval for: vouchers/warrants, previous meeting minutes, and an Emergency Management Performance Grant agreement.

Recognition and thank-you's to Brandon Lenderink, OEM manager who is leaving EC to work for the City of Aurora. He also gave an update on ongoing county contracts (mitigation and repairs on road washouts and a hazard mitigation plan for natural disasters).

Rick Pettit, treasurer, stated that the 6 month trustee's report will be published in the newspaper. Commissioner Ross recognized the fair board for the success of the recent county fair.

Public comment:
1) Susan Schick commended the county for getting the audit completed on time; she also suggested that the county reinstate the tool tax which was suspended several years ago. She also stated her concern about why the Thimgan contract for property valuations was terminated without ever having appeared on the the agenda for public discussion.
2) Jill Duvall commended Shawn Carpenter, fairgrounds manager, and his assistant, Stan, for service above and beyond the call of duty during the recent county fair.

Jake Kuijper gave a detailed report about the current status of the county's retirement plan.

Ted Lindtvelt of CTSI (county's insurance pool) gave his annual review. Of the 52 members in the pool, only 7 counties have a worse claims history in the casualty/property area than EC (and apparently this is a slight improvement!). The CTSI report was not available to the public, and the representative frequently referred to graphs and charts making a more detailed analysis for this summary somewhat difficult.

Ed Ehmann, county manager, summarized the 2015 Plan for Cost Allocation with MGT America. (A much more detailed and thorough presentation of this program was presented at the staff meeting on Monday 8/8 by Eric Parish of MGT. Citizen Rick Brown publicly commented that Parish's presentation should have been made at the BOCC meeting in order for the public to more fully understand why the BOCC utilizes this service).

The commissioners moved to replenish $15,000 in the retainer fund for the law firm employing attorney Steve Larson. This firm is handling an employee investigation because the county attorney created a conflict of interest for himself in this matter.

A study session will be held on Monday 8/15 at 11AM in the commissioners' room.

-Jill Duvall