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BOCC Meeting
July 12, 2017

Invocation, pledge of allegiance, approval of amended agenda and consent agenda (mylars, vouchers, professional services for wind farm engineering review).


Wade Gateley, Attorney - since this is his last BOCC meeting, he thanked county for opportunity to work here - had hoped to work here for 5 years (was only here for 3); thankful for adversity in life and growth experienced through adversity while in EC. Believes EC built a strong team during his tenure; specifically thanked Commissioners Rowland and Schlegel and former County Manager Ed Ehmann for their help and support.

Shayne Heap - thanked Wade Gateley for his service; jail still overpopulated; related story of intoxicated individual who rammed a deputy’s vehicle; felonies up (June 2016 - 2, June 2017 - 24)




-2016 draft audit highlights: -Employee handbook: -Bank of the West building update:

(IT Director Jenn Grote had to replace batteries in non-functioning microphone at this point)

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-Commissioners’ 2018 budget goals:
  • Establishing contingency funds for emergencies, for revenues to exceed expenditures, expand projections further into the future, look at personnel requirements (statutory requirements, increase county services to 5 days/40 hours, and improve employee benefits), privatize some Road and Bridge tasks, implement efficiencies to reduce paper shuffling, fairground improvements, how to best use wind farm revenues, investment policies.
  • Change in philosophy from survival to planning for the future/strategic planning.
-Building permit fee adjustment for commercial solar:
  • Kyle Fenner, CDS Director - fee schedule ready to go for public notification; hopefully completed in next 6 weeks. Commissioner Thayer stated that outside interests are using benefits of EC and not reimbursing county proportionately - we’ve been leaving money on the table. These tiered fees include more than solar projects.


  • approval of 6/14/17, 6/27/17, and 6/28/17 BOCC minutes
  • resolution passed designating funds within General Fund as dedicated line items known as “committed funds,” “stabilization funds,” and “contingency funds.” Funds for building inspections for wind farm, contingency funds and stabilization funds - specific guidelines for utilizing these funds; will require commissioner approval to use these funds for any other purposes than those stated in this resolution.
  • appointment of Chief Budget Officer - Rick Petit, Treasurer
  • Approval of contracts with Baseline for planning services - relates to update of county zoning regulations


-resolution for supplemental appropriations to 2017 budget - anticipating $96,622 in inspection fees for wind farm; had $$ coming in but had not listed it as outgoing - housekeeping detail


-tentative agenda 7/26/17: approval of minutes, final audit results, employee handbook, variance reports, Hoo house, building fee permits update, water study update

Kyle Fenner reported that Planning Commission meeting of 7/11/17 is continued to 7/18/17 at fairgrounds at 7PM. Because of necessary public notification, September 13 will be proposed hearing date by BOCC for Independence (to be continued from the August 9 BOCC meeting).

Grant Thayer asked Kyle Fenner to check with Planning Commission to see if they want the flexibility to change the 11PM end time of PC meetings….or perhaps consider other alternatives.

Have had a request to hold August 9 BOCC meeting in the evening; commissioners said they could do this.

BOCC meeting adjourned and reconvened as:


Mike Akana reported for Billie Mills, Assessor - actual value $3,733,673,933.

Taxable/assessed value $356,231,570. State assessed property values are not yet determined. August 25 is date for certifying values to the state, including real property and personal property.

Originally EC assessor projected 15% increase; actually showing 17% increase. Market value in EC is up almost 30%.

383 property owners in the county appealed. Normal would have been 40-70 appeals.

-Jill Duvall