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BOCC Meeting- June 28, 2017

Opening invocation and pledge of allegiance.


Approval of CDS mylars, CDS vouchers, May variance reports, DHHS waiver MOU with CO DHS, Kiowa fire impact fee collection IGA, road use agreement for Rush Creek transmission line project


Ric Pettit - 97% of property taxes in
Troy McCoy - jail overcrowded; will need to to pay Douglas County for 3-4 inmates; budget will be over on medical and food

Wade Gateley - county attorney resigned but will be working for the county for a few more weeks and making his public statement at the next BOCC meeting on 7/12/17


Marlene Groves - asked about employee handbook; per Thayer “a work in progress” so public can’t see what’s being considered


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  • 2018 Budget Development Plan - Ric Pettit reported that budget meetings would be held between July and October 2017. Will present budget to commissioners by October 15. Marlene Groves reminded the commissioners that all 3 of them had spoken favorably about a Citizens’ Finance Committee but have done nothing to form just such a committee.
  • Transparency policy - work in progress on policy changes that encourage more openness/follow statutes. Marlene Groves complimented the commissioners for improving online access to documents but would like to see copies of discussion items available at BOCC meetings (since the commissioners don’t put these on the website).


-approved SEP (special events permit) for Elbert Day on July 8.

-discussed ratification of Bison Oil & Gas Partners agreement; (Danny Willcox has already signed the agreement even though this is the first time the issue has been discussed in public); Thayer made sure Bison removed the confidentiality agreement - standard agreement; involves 30 acres - county being paid $3,000/per acre; three year lease with option to extend; 30% royalty if well is successful; Thayer says the amount of lease suggests that this company has some “short term goals.” Thayer says that the Niobrara play is moving south - that the oil is becoming mature enough to harvest. Proposing to frack this well if successful. A citizen asked about the roads - what if roads are damaged? Will oil company fix? Thayer said that a road use agreement would be a part of the process. Approved ratification of lease.

-Public hearing for supplemental appropriation - Kyrei Zion reported on need for supplemental appropriation resolution due to the purchase of vacant bank building; total cost of building $622,500 ($122,500 funded by intergovernmental transfer). Resolution approved (number of resolution to be determined/not available).


-Tentative agenda for 7/12/17 BOCC meeting: resolutions on contingency and stabilization line item creation, presentation of 2016 draft audit results, approval of minutes, Baseline contracts, update on bank building renovations

Meeting adjourned.

-Jill Duvall