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6:00PM/BOCC room
April 6, 2017

PC members in attendance: Dan Rosales, Paula Wilderman, Ron Turner, Brian Harris, Dan Michalak, Jim Keen, Justin Klassen, Bob Lewis, Kip Parker


  • Upcoming: amendments to zoning regulations (XX properties, lot consolidations, economic development overlay, simplify oil and gas regulations)
  • Lionsgate goes to BOCC on 4/12/17 for public hearing
  • Dan Rosales brought up HOA covenant complaints: Kyle reported that enforcement of covenants are not under the jurisdiction of the county (landowner issue/civil action); Kyle explained PUD process and differences between covenants and PUD guide


  • Meeting Minutes from 3/7/17 approved (motion by Harris, seconded by Keen)


  • None


  • Temporary asphalt plant site SU-16-0038 at US 24 & Resolis Rd
  • in a portion of Section 17, Township 10 South, Range 58 West of the 6th PM in EC
  • pre-app 11/1/16
  • application submittal 12/13/16
  • to PC on 3/7/17; to BOCC on 3/22/17
  • Site Change requires new hearings: at PC tonight; to BOCC on 4/12/17
  • near Matheson
  • zoned ag, flat topography
  • comments received from CDOT & CDPHE
  • conforms to Master Plan; minimal impact to surroundings
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CDS recommended approval subject to following conditions of approval:

  • comply with signage regulations
  • fees paid
  • recorded within 180 days of BOCC approval
  • road use approval
  • access permits secured
  • noise impacts meet standards
  • compliance with CDPHE & CDOT
  • require "trucks turning" signs for eastbound and westbound traffic on hwy 24
  • fire prevention/suppression plan

Questions of Applicant: explained where repaving will be in EC (CDOT project); went door-to-door - received no complaints from residents; plan to complete prior to 8/1/17; fire suppression - PC would like plan in packet; berm taken down/restoration (reseed)after 9/1/17; propane tanks locked; discussion of emissions/pollutants and mitigation; communicate with Big Sandy Fire District

Motion to approve by Michalak; seconded by Wilderman. Approved 7-0 (2 abstentions)

DISCUSSION - Citizen's Task Force,
John Dorman, chairperson of task force, reported: 

-85 identified stakeholders (businesses, civic organizations, HOAs, etc.)
-using Next Door online
-Singing Hills School will send home flyers to all parents
-Kiowa Schools putting info in newsletter
-will try to get in local newspapers
-discussion of concurrent meetings in Agate (in addition to Kiowa meetings) - Motion by Lewis, seconded by Klassen to have just one county meeting on 4/26/17 in Kiowa. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned.
-Jill Duvall