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Meeting/Continuance (from 3/14/17)
March 21, 2017

The PC continuance on the location of the Lion’s Gate animal sanctuary began with the pledge of allegiance. Eight members of the PC were present (one member present, who was absent last week, stated that he had listened to entire earlier presentation, therefore could vote)

  • flood mitigation work at existing facility not workable/temporary fixes/cost prohibitive
  • consideration of other sites/already own Rd 106 property
  • concerns about fencing/needs to be taller per several studies/"no animals will escape
  • ages of animals (most 16-19 yrs old) w/life expectancy 3 more years
  • emergency plan/work with county OEM manager/escape and recapture protocol (not in application)/Fire Marshall’s last visited facility June/July 2016
  • huge investment for a move for fairly short time considering age of animals/"don't plan to replace these animals"
  • 12 volunteers/point of contradiction/what do volunteers actually do?
  • contingency plans if owners unavailable/family/state agency can come in/chain of command
  • numerous "what if's" discussed
  • contingency plan incomplete in application
  • intend to install security cameras at new location
  • why not get licensed under newer requirements?/because not open to public
  • compatibility with neighborhood
  • consideration of mental health of 87 neighbors who signed petition in opposition (only 3 people within 2 miles supported relocation on an online petition)

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Question for staff:

Clarify "harmony" and what it means on ag zoned land - "keeping of exotics" is in zoning regsRosales denied the statement.

Discussion of Dan Rosales' previous comments raised by a citizen (on 3/14/17) followed concerning Rosales' mind being made up ahead of time. PC voted unanimously that Rosales need not recuse himself from the vote.

Jim Keen moved that the Use by Special Review, with conditions of approval, to move the wildlife sanctuary be approved. PC voted 5-3 which is an approval of the motion. Now it goes to the BOCC for final vote.
-Jill Duvall