Have you heard? Commissioner Chris Richardson's wife, Andrea, is now President of the EC Republican Women. When not scheming and plotting how to take over Elbert County and make it their own personal play toy, what else do they do for fun...?
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Who’s Kidding Who Here?

We all heard it. Several times...

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Independence Service Plans Hearing

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Elbert County Comprehensive Plan
3rd Meeting

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Comprehensive Plan Meeting #3
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On any given day there’s a whole lotta shaken going on in Elbert County. Yep there are a lot of good people here doing a lot of good and fun things. Now you can find the events you are interested in on our comprehensive calendar.

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Elbert County Commissioners Indemnify Past Actors, Rowland, Ehmann, and Gateley
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EC Commissioners convened a public meeting on December 5, 2017 and voted unanimously to indemnify former Commissioner Robert Rowland, former County Manager Ed Ehmann, and former County Attorney Wade Gateley, in the matter of the lawsuit brought by current CDS Director Kyle Fenner. The indemnification language will be made public in a forthcoming county resolution. Following an Executive Session with Andrew Nathan of Nathan Dumm & Mayer law firm, Commissioners Willcox, Thayer, and Richardson made the decision to retroactively grant indemnity to Rowland, whose term as commissioner expired in January 2017, and to Ehmann and Gateley, who both abruptly resigned their positions with Elbert County earlier this year.

Commissioners also voted unanimously to engage Kline Alvarado Veio P.C. as bond counsel for the Sun Country road paving project that was approved by a majority of Sun Country voters last month.

Curious about Colorado indemnity laws? (CLICK HERE)

-- Susan Shick, Elbert County Resident

Independence Subdivision Court Hearing UPDATE

The hearing remains open, public comment is still being accepted and the county commissioners have now joined the fight with the developer.

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