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Pet Owner Alert

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Yesterday this product was purchased from the Elizabeth Walmart and given to one of Lori’s dogs who went into convulsive vomiting, throwing the product up and then dying a couple hours later. Tests will be performed on the animal to verify for sure that the product was the direct cause of death. In the meantime, we highly recommend you do not buy or give this product to your pets, and to urge Walmart to consider removing it from their stock.

Courtesy or Service?

Video Recording/Live Streaming
Should the Elbert County taxpayer expect a video recording of official county meetings be provided by its county government? If no, then stop reading now.
If yes, then should it be looked upon as a courtesy or a service?

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EC Sheriff Breaks Records with Traffic Ticket Heap
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The Elbert County Sheriff's Office garnered $256,593.61 in traffic fines during the third quarter of 2016 bringing the year-to-date collection total to $638,924.78. Monthly collection comparisons with previous years are shown below. As you will see, Sheriff Heap, who took office in January 2010, will break all his previous records.

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BOCC meeting held at fairgrounds November 16, 2016
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CORRESPONDENCE: Army Corps of Engineers requesting access to compactor site to analyze potential contaminants. They want unlimited access; Ed Ehmann says that the county needs to control that access...

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The WAC (Water Advisory Committee) Nov. 2, 2016

Present: Ric Morgan, Gary Lauer and Bob Ware - WAC members
Approximately 20 citizens in audience.

1) George Saum has asked for representatives from towns of Elizabeth and Kiowa to make presentations at WAC.
2) Bob Ware sent out or emailed answers to Hamacher water well questions from October's WAC presentation.

-Patty Sward asked about a comment Danny Willcox had made at the Groves' presentation regarding water being sold and having to connect to a central water supply. Willcox was present and said that the water study will help answer that concern.
-Troy Zulkowski asked for clarification about the 300 year water supply - and concerns about Independence moving water out of the county.
-Barbara Miller asked if a landowner who owns water rights has a right to sell that water; per Ric Morgan, landowners have that right but there has not been a public dialogue in EC about how that water would be transported via pipeline.

-Water supply study contract was approved by BOCC.

-Water supply study timeline - 6 primary tasks between 11/1/16 and 8/31/17; 3 public work shops; at 5 months, status report from Forsgren; identifying existing resources and future needs is key focus; draft letter to stakeholders (providers of data and projections....all special districts in EC) and interested parties presented (if citizens have recommendations for who might be interested parties, let the WAC know).

-form handed out to inform citizens about how to find your well documents, well depth, original status water level, and conditions of approval. Check with a WAC member if you'd like a copy of the form to research your well. Homeowners should make sure their wells are in their own names.

Jill Duvall

C'mon Bob! Give it a rest
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It was my unfortunate luck to wake up this morning and see another long diatribe sent out by Robert Rowland. Just when I thought we had heard the last from this misinformed master of hyperbole...

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Elbert County Planning Commission or Sponge Bob... for which would you swear an oath?

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EC Planning Commission Meeting-Nov 15, 2016

A public "swearing-in" was held at the start of the meeting. Anyone wishing to speak had to testify that they would speak only the truth.
Two sheriff's deputies were stationed at the back of the room during the entire meeting.

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